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A WOMAN who loves saving money has revealed the items to avoid in Primark even if they don't cost a lot.

Kat, from the UK, revealed some items weren't worth the money even if they didn't cost a lot in a recent TikTok video.

In the clip, she penned: "Five things to never buy from Primark," as she went on to reveal the first item, sandals.

Although you can grab a pair of flip flops for just £1 from the bargain store, it might be worth spending a bit more if you actually want them to last.

Kat said: "The sandals are terrible, snapped after one wear."

The shopping pro also revealed that the make-up wipes were never worth picking up as they were 'so dry' they barely work.


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And she wasn't a fan of their skincare range either, writing: "Not sure if I trust the skincare, doesn't say dermologically tested."

The money-saving pro also revealed it wasn't worth picking up their mini holiday staples either as they were much cheaper to buy in Boots and were usually on offer in other stores.

Lastly, Kat pointed to a head massager currently sold in stores for £2.50 which she said was a waste.

"Who is this even for? Don't waste your money," she added.

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The clip is part of a series Kat is doing advising people on what she thinks is worth buying from Primark and what isn't.

But the video shared on her account @katsaves received a mixed response from followers.

One person wrote: "The hair claws are cheap & cheap quality as well as the scrunchies cost them less than a penny to make in a factory."

Another commented: "Hey agree!!!!! Although I’ve stopped shopping there, it’s gotten far too expensive, Vinted for me now, buying and selling."

"Hair claws!! They break so easily . Any skincare product 100%," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth disagreed, saying: "I love their skincare."

"Disagree with 5 if you don't already have one. That's a good price and those things feel great,” claimed a fifth.

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