I’m a mum and my water bottle trick means you can fill up your paddling pool in minutes with warm water for your kids | The Sun

DO you wish there was an easy way of filling your paddling pool with warm water?

A mum has shared her savvy water bottle hack which means her kids never complain about chilly water.

TikTok user @lynn.balman showed how you need to turn an empty bottle upside down and cut a hole in the side for your kitchen sink tap to go through. 

You then poke a hose through the bottom of the bottle and seal it with tape.

Then all you need to do is put the other end of the hose in your paddling pool and turn on the warm water.

Voila! Your paddling pool can be filled up with whatever temperature water you choose.

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Lynn showed her easy hack in action and wrote: “One way of getting hot water to the pool.”

Many people praised her simple trick.

One said: “Omg how have I not thought of this.”

Another added: “ah. i need that. my hose wont connect with my kitchen tap!!!”

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However, some said they wouldn’t bother, with one parent commenting: “Great hack but the gas to heat the water would cost a fortune. 

“Kids can be cold.”

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If you can’t access a hot tap, another woman came up with the ultimate hack to heating up the water in her chilly paddling pool – and it just requires a bin bag. 

She revealed she was fed up of going back and forth with kettles to keep the water warm outside. 

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Instead, she decided to place a bin bag on the top to attract the heat from the sun. 

She revealed: "I did this because I only have a cold outside tap and I was using buckets and the kettle to warm up the pool.

"By putting black bin bags on top it attracts the sun and it warms it up very quickly. Within about 45 minutes the water is warm and stays warm all day in the sun."

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