I'm a mum and potty trained my toddler in just three days… anyone can, just use my easy hacks | The Sun

WITH lots of tears and frustration – and not just from the child – potty training a stressful period for most parents.

But one mum has claimed to have achieved the goal in just three days, all thanks to a couple of easy hacks.

The parent, Andrea (@lifestyle.withandrea), took to TikTok to offer a helping hand to those whose children are ready to embark on this journey.

According to the US-based mum, the first important step is buying – or borrowing from a library – Potty Training in Three Days by Brandi Brucks.

This book, available on Amazon, comes with a simple step-by-step guide and let's you ditch the nappies in no time.

With more than 12,000 positive five-star reviews, it's a worthwhile investment, one that will make the experience a breeze.

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During these three days, Andrea also made sure to push fluids – here, she noted in her video, it's best to have multiple options, such as chocolate milk, juices, water and mini yoghurt drinks.

The savvy mum, who works as a nurse, also came up with a genius system to keep the daughter excited about going to to the loo.

For this, she promised one M&M chocolate if she had done a wee and two of the treats for number two.

Before starting potty training, the mum made sure to stock up on loads of new undies, a toilet seat for kids, as well as a mini stool.

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To prevent any unexpected accidents, Andrea said she kept on asking her toddler if she needed to go toilet on repeat.

Perhaps the most crucial tip in this period was to keep your eyes in the child at all times – as a parent, you will be able to tell when the kid is desperate for a wee.

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When it comes to clothes, Andrea recommended letting them roam around in just undies and a top, as well as sticking to easy to prep meals.

Here, she served her daughter a peanut butter jelly sandwich, banana, a handful of blueberries, paired with some veggie stick and a slice of cheese.

The mum also swore by a special potty training chart, which keeps the kid excited to fill it up with the bright stickers.

''Plan three consecutive days with nothing scheduled other than potty training,'' Andrea told fellow parents, advising to come up with various activities.

Posted just a day ago, the clip has since taken the internet by storm, with hundreds of people flocking to comments.

One user reckoned: ''please don't rush the child, they will tell u when they r [are] ready.''

Someone else said: ''I vividly remember I peed on the carpet, my mom whooped me w the belt, and I used the potty perfectly from then on.''

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Another added: ''You must have the patience of a saint.''

''love this!! Thank you for all the tips,'' a TikTok fan saw the video just in time.

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