I’m a mum-of-ten and need 14lb of steak for ONE dinner for my family, people always ask how we afford it

MUM OF TEN, Alicia Dougherty, shared the enormous pile of food she buys weekly to feed her family.

The mum showed off her haul where she bought 61lb of fruit and vegetables, 11lb of cereal and 13lb of frozen vegetables to get them through the week.

She also revealed she bought 14lb of steaks in a variety of cuts to feed the family for just one meal.

The mum, form the US, said: "We've got steak night this week, that means five different kinds of steak totalling 14lbs."

Alicia also bought a variety of crisps and crackers for her kids to snack on, 14lbs of chicken breast, 4lbs of shrimp, 6lbs of sausage, 12 tins of soup, 6 boxes of rice and nine jars of olives.

As well as 36 eggs, five gallons of milk, and other dairy products that would last the family 'a few days'


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The mum-of-ten claimed her shopping wouldn't end there though, as she added: "They didn't have everything i needed so I'm going to Costco tomorrow for the rest."

The mum shared her total at the end, which was £1199, (£905).

Sharing the video of her large grocery haul on her TikTok account, Dougherty Dozen, the video went viral with over 400k views.

TikTok users were quick to ask how the family could afford such a large food shop bill.


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One user wrote: "How do you afford this?"

"Where do you get the time and money for this…" Another user commented.

A third asked: "How do you afford all this?"

"If I may ask what do you do for a job to be able to afford all this weekly?" Added a fourth user.

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