I'm a mum-of-three – my easy spreadsheet hack lets me feed my family for £62 a week | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she is able to feed her family-of-five for just £65 a week thanks to a spreadsheet.

Worried about the cost of living crisis, Jody Jones, from Bangor in North Wales was desperate to find a way to cut back on her food shop in the coming months.

Using Microsoft Excell, the 37-year-old, who also works at her local Asda store, created four detailed shopping lists and four food plans, as well as a four-week shopping list for cleaning products, in an attempt to keep the cost of shopping down.

The mum-of-three purchased all of her items from the Asda, Just Essentials range which was introduced to stores last month, The Daily Post reports.

And while the range had been criticised for ‘shaming’ poorer families due to its bright packaging that didn’t bother Jody who was able to reduce her £100 bill down to £62.

Jody created a basic meal plan, working from a list of the essential items available and then working out the costs for each, repeating the process for the upcoming weeks.

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Speaking to the post Jody said: “It’s not necessarily the healthiest but I’ve done my best to include plenty of fruit and veg where I can and I’ve based it on what my family – with some food fussy kids – would actually eat. 

“At the end of the day with the cost of living, I see it as them eating something is better than nothing"

She added: “ I’d rather they don’t starve and actually have food when money is tight. If it’s a choice between buying expensive “wholesome foods” and not having enough to pay the bills or eat myself, and all of us eating food and managing to pay the bills then for me it’s all about the second option.”

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Asda has now introduced a buying limit to the Just Essentials range which means that shoppers can only purchase three of every item but Jody just factors this in to her weekly shop.

Before she began using her spreadsheet, Jody’s monthly food bill was in excess of £400 but now the family spends around £100 a fortnight.

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