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WITH little kids running around, it’s not easy to keep your home in good shape.

Parents often feel like they must be constantly watching their child, so other tasks, like cleaning the house, are put on the back-burner.

Sherry Meadows has gained popularity on her TikTok account, @sherrymmmontessorish, thanks to her videos that offer advice to parents who are struggling to stay organized.

She bases her approach on the Montessori method of teaching.

Speaking with The Sun, Sherry revealed five tips to keep your home running smoothly with children around.


Sherry’s first piece of advice was to create dedicated “Yes Spaces” around your home.

These are spaces where your child can roam free without your supervision because there is nothing dangerous around.

“Rooms where you don't have anything that is going to be tempting or overwhelming to them,” she explained.

In her home, the only rooms that are off-limits to her young son are her bedroom and guest bedroom.

“I prepare the rest of the house so that he can be on his own and safe. It’s all childproofed.

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“I don’t have any decorations that he will damage.

"Anything like that is either high up and out of reach, or I don’t have it.”

She opts for pretty wooden toys for her son so that she can leave them out on display without creating an eye sore.

“If you build an environment like this, you can relax, do your own thing, clean the house, while your child plays.”


The expert’s next bit of advice was to teach your child to play independently.

“When you are exposing the child to a play area, you should take some time, at least 15 minutes, to sit with them and play with them.

“Show them the skill of the toy or how to play with the toy for a bit, and then let them explore it.”

Once you notice your child using the toy by himself, remove yourself from the situation slowly and continuously until they get used to playing on their own.

“Then they don't need you as much anymore.”


Now that your child has learned to play on his own, it’s time to address those pending tasks around the house.

As for your cleanings, Sherry said you should divide them up into two categories: big tasks and micro-tasks.

“A big task for me would be vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the fridge, the stove, the microwave, cleaning the car.

“And the micro-tasks are the things I do every day to help tidy up the house. Making the beds, doing laundry, organizing the living and dining rooms, wiping the counters, dishes.”

Sherry aims to do one deep clean or big project a day, and multiple micro tasks each day so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

“For example: On Mondays, I dust and vacuum; Tuesdays I mop; Wednesdays I clean the bathrooms; Thursdays I change all the bed sheets; and Fridays I sort the mail. Those are some of my big projects.”


To keep her days organized, Sherry said she follows a strict schedule.

“Having a schedule allows you to know that everything will get done in the week. And you also have time to relax, to enjoy being a mom, to work, to go to the gym, to go out with your family.”

She uses the Home Planner from Passionate Penny Pincher, which costs $54, to stay on track.

“I leave to do errands peacefully, knowing that when I come back everything's going to get done.”


Along the same lines as her schedule, Sherry also keeps a checklist.

“Since becoming a mom, there are so many things in my brain that it’s hard to remember what I need to buy for the house. Diapers, groceries, things like that.

“So, on top of my big cleaning tasks and micro cleaning tasks, I have a checklist for the day. Other things I need to get done.”

Following this list keeps her from getting too overwhelmed.

As a bonus tip, Sherry said meal planning on Sundays has helped her stay organized.

“That way I don't have to worry about dinners or lunches during the week.”

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