I'm a relationship expert – why Scott Disick makes creepy comments to the Kardashians & it's really all about Kourtney

FANS of The Kardashians and KUWTK will be well versed in Scott Disick's all-to-familiar relationship with ex Kourtney's sisters by now.

Whether he's exclaiming "damn" about Khloe's outfits in resurfaced clips, asking her to be his "topless maid" or commenting on Kim's "big a**", fans have been quick to slam his "creepy" comments.

So why DOES the dad-of-three insist on "flirting" with the Kardashian-Jenners, and is it really all about missing his 10-year relationship with big sister Kourtney?

Relationship expert Stina Sanders, 31, from London, reveals all to The US Sun…

For those of you who are keeping up with the Kardahsians, you may have seen that Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick, has been slammed by fans for his creepy comments to her sisters. 

Scott, 38, on a number of occasions has been ruffling feathers by shamelessly flirting with Kourtney’s sisters.

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From demanding that Khloe Kardashian be his “topless maid” to adding captions to his stories that refer to Khloe’s physique, "Wear it well with that body Khlo.".

Scott has also been criticized for watching Kim Kardashian get undressed while making comments about her “big a**”.

Fans took to Reddit to voice their concerns and slam him for being inappropriate. 

One Ridditor expressed that Scott was "creepy,", while a second put shortly: "He gives me weird vibes."

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"I think once you’re the ex boyfriend of your sister, the weird jokes and flirtations completely cease to be funny," another agreed.

A fourth added: "They are both creepy. their sexual jokes never been funny to me."

But are Scott’s comments as creepy and flirtatious as some people think, or is he innocently flirting with no hidden agenda?

Here are some psychological reasons as to why Scott may be flirting with his ex’s sisters…

1. Scott's trying to maintain closeness with his 'family'

For over a decade, Scott has been part of the family.

He is the father of Kourtney’s children and has been through many marriages, divorces, scandals and fun times the family have experienced over the years.

He certainly knows where all the skeletons are hidden but now he and Kourtney are no longer together, his flirty comments may be a way of keeping his foot in the door with the family.

According to studies, people feel more closely bonded when they ask each other intimate questions as well as compliment one another.

Flirting is a bonding technique that can also encourage the receiver to open up and communicate with the flirter, which may be another reason as to why Scott makes outlandish remarks.

So while Scott’s comments may come across as creepy, his behavior may just be playful flirting with no agenda other than maintaining a relationship with his family.

2. Flirting makes us feel good about ourselves

Studies have found flirting can make us feel good as it has positive effects on health, mental wellbeing and on building and maintaining relationships.

That’s because flirting releases feel-good chemicals and adrenaline, boosting our self-esteem and confidence.

Scott could be merely flirting with Kourtney’s sisters because it makes him feel good to be overly-complimentary and playful.

Add to the fact it’s a little taboo to be flirting with your ex-sister-in-laws, this may excite Scott, making the whole process fun for him.

3. Is Scott misreading signals and trying his luck?

Men and women tend to interpret flirtatious behaviors differently.

Research has reported friendly behavior has been wrongly viewed as a sexual invitation by men more so than women.

One possible explanation for why men misread signals is because of deep-rooted evolutionary history.

If a man misreads signals that a woman is not interested when she actually is, he ultimately misses a mating opportunity, paying a large evolutionary price for his lack of awareness. 

Scott’s flirting style often involves suggestive banter, which may indicate that he is comfortable expressing his desire and sexual interest.

Individuals who fit this flirting style claim to be able to detect the interest of others.

They engage in private and personal conversation, which they use to establish the possibility of a relationship. 

Scott may believe he has a chance with one of the sisters.

While this is a very slim chance and that Scott’s flirting is totally innocent, it could be possible that Scott wants to keep it in the family!

4. Is Scott looking for a reaction from Kourtney?

Scott’s flirtatious behavior may be a bid to get Kourtney jealous and react.

If Scott is still holding a flame for Kourtney, then he could be seeking external validation and reassurance, as a way to confirm that he is still wanted by her.

If he can make her react then clearly she still cares. Think of it as a twisted test for Kourtney.

As she has forgiven plenty of poor behavior from Scott in the past, he could be turning up the heat by flirting with her sisters, to see if she still has feelings for him.

5. Scott is naturally flirtatious

What seems like an expression of someone’s affection may be their natural inclination to flirt.

In Scott’s defense, we have only seen him interact with the Kardashian family and not anyone else.

So while people may find his comments weird, his behavior may just be the norm for Scott.

He may be the type of person to flirt with everyone and anything, no matter who they are.

The science of flirting is all about validation, creating a bond and sharing a playful moment with someone you like.

Flirting doesn’t necessarily have to have a sexual meaning behind it. 

Whatever Scott’s reason is for flirting, as long as the Kardashian clan are not offended by his behavior and see it as mere fun, that’s all that matters.

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