I'm a shopping whizz – the reason coloured towels are better than white ones and it's nothing to do with stains | The Sun

YOU might pick the colour of your towels based solely on which shade you prefer, or maybe which one goes with your bathroom decor the best.

But according to one shopper there's one colour you should avoid.

The Shopping Expert explained on YouTube that darker coloured towels are much better than white ones, and for a very good reason.

It's actually got nothing to do with hiding visible dirt or stains though.

"When manufacturers are making towels at the end of the process they add in softeners, and sometimes even a silicone finish to make new towels feel fluffier and lusher to you in stores," the pro explained.

This coating clings to the fibres of the towels, making them far less absorbent.


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However, the dye used on darker coloured towels "helps resist absorbing those softeners."

Which means darker towels do a much better job of absorbing liquids when you first buy them.

Eventually, the coating on all towels will come off after a few washes though – unless you use more fabric softener.

After sharing the clever trick, people couldn't believe they didn't already know about it.

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"I've always noticed this with my towels but never understood why. I just assumed the rougher the rougher the towel, the better it actually dries," one commented.

And a second said: "Oh so that's why new towels suck so much. I always wash them three times before even trying to use them.

"I hate the weird feeling when you try to dry off and your towel just smears the water around and leaves fuzz all over you!"

Someone else wrote: "Yes I never use fabric softener when I wash my towels.

"It builds up over time and makes them way less absorbent."

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