I’m a size 10 and tried Kylie and Kendall's no-pants look – I hated it but some said I wore it better than the Jenners | The Sun

FASHION icons Kylie and Kendall Jenner turned heads and raised eyebrows when they embraced the no-pants trend.

One stylish TikTok user decided to recreate the look at home, and while she didn't love the outfit, her followers were in a frenzy.

Emily Kam (@emilydoesfashion) is a fashion expert and body positivity advocate who recreates celebrity looks as wearable styles on TikTok.

In a recent video, she took on one of the most minimal fads in fashion: the infamous pants-free look.

While the Jenner sisters made the look notable, Kam, who is a size 10, wanted to see how the ensemble looked on her own body.

"Start with tights, of course," Kam told her followers as she started getting dressed. "No pants here."


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Once she had a pair of semi-sheer black tights on, Kam pulled out a pair of coordinating briefs.

"Then underwear over them," she said in the caption, clearly questioning the combination.

After putting on a button-down, Kam grabbed a pullover.

"Sweater on top because we don't want to be cold," she wrote in the cheeky caption.

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A pair of tall black boots finished off the look. Even when the final piece of the sartorial puzzle was in place, it didn't win Kam over.

"It's a no from me," Kam said, shaking her head and visibly cringing.

The outfit received mixed reviews and its fair share of criticism.

"Not bad, but I wouldn't do it," one commenter confessed.

"The models looked goofy, too," another wrote in reassurance.

A third said they disagreed with the revealing outfit on principle.

"Ain't showing anything for free," they wrote. "In this economy?"

"It looks and feels like a nightmare," one harsh critic said.

But not every viewer disliked the look. Many of Kam's fans said it was made for her.

"I actually like it!" one woman exclaimed. "And I like it even more on you than the models."

Another said she liked the look on Kam but was unwilling to give it a go.

"I'm happy you tried this so I don't have to," the relieved viewer said. "Definitely a nope for me."

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"This is a yes! It's like sexy Winnie the Pooh," an enthusiastic supporter said.

Kam's fans were dedicated to praising her. "Honestly, I think you look fierce," an admirer wrote.

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