I’m a skincare whizz and have a mad 18p hack for bright, youthful skin… girls, you can abandon the Botox forever | The Sun

A SKINCARE whizz has revealed the simple but unique hack that she swears by for bright, youthful skin.

So if you want to age gracefully and don’t want to splash out on Botox or fancy anti-ageing creams, you’ve come to the right place.

While many women will resort to often uncomfortable and expensive methods to keep their youthful appearance, by using filler and Botox to smooth their lines, one woman has taken to TikTok to share her cheap and effective hack to keep wrinkles at bay.

Posting under the username @isabelle.lux, Isabelle regularly shares her skincare advice on social media and her latest tip focuses on using banana peel to stop her skin going wrinkly – yes, you heard that correctly.

The beauty fan shared her clip with the caption ‘Botox Banana. Ancient anti-ageing technique which is peeling, moisturising and brightening.’

In the video, we saw Isabelle rub the banana peel onto her skin, as she said: “Stop throwing away your banana peels and rub them on your face.

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“This is the best, free, anti-ageing advice that I’ve ever gotten in my entire life.

“I do it every morning before cleansing and since starting, my skin is so bright and so tight.

“The peels contain a natural oil that is very nourishing, plus Vitamin C and antioxidants, even an enzyme that overtime is peeling, basically tightening, like free Botox.

“Give it a try and let me know how it goes.” 

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If you fancy giving this skincare hack a try and have thrown out all of your leftover banana peels, you can pick up a single banana from Tesco for just 18p.

Isbaelle’s clip has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 22,600 views.

It has 1,118 likes, 30 comments, 487 saves and 46 shares.

Social media users were impressed with the cheap and easy hack, which many took to the comments to express. 

One person said: “Will be trying this.”

Another added: “I need to get some bananas now.” 

A third commented: “The best always! I’ll actually try this every time I eat a banana.” 

At the same time, one user asked: “Does it work for men?”

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To this, Isabelle confirmed: “Yes definitely!! It’s so easy. I know it looks weird but it’s crazy that it works.” 

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