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THE U.S. is in the thick of summer, meaning it's dangerously hot outside.

In fact, many parts of the country are currently experiencing record-breaking high temps, which may even play a role in how well you sleep.

According to Haley Thistleton, a sleep expert at SleepSeeker, the weather can shake up a good night's rest.

She said: "Body temperature decreases when asleep and rises during waking hours, meaning sleep is most likely to occur when core temperature decreases.

"Environmental heat can disturb this balance and make it difficult to sleep."

Luckily, she provided top tips for getting an undisturbed rest even during a heatwave.

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Certain duvets, bedding, and pillows can trap body heat, so it's best to choose an option that will keep you cool during the summer.

Thistleton recommended a duvet made of hollowfibre, which will help control your body temperature while you sleep.

Additionally, you can look for duvets with a thermal resistance of around 4.5 tog to help you stay cool.


While everyone knows exercise is vital to living a healthy life, it's best to get your workout in well before bedtime.

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Thistleton explained: "Avoid doing anything strenuous close to bedtime as this can make it harder for the body to cool down during sleep."

If you do exercise, Thistleton recommended finishing up at least 90 minutes before you go to sleep.


A fan or cold compress will work wonders in keeping you cool during the night.

The sleep pro shared a hack for making the most out of your fan: "A simple trick is to place a bowl of ice or bottles of frozen water in front of the fan to cool the air."

She also mentioned that the head, feet, and central body are the most important body parts to keep cool when trying to fall asleep.

If you're really struggling to fall asleep, Thistleton advised using a cold compress on any warm body parts.


While this may seem counterintuitive to staying cool while you sleep, Thistleton said a warm bath may be the trick for a cool rest during a heatwave.

She explained: "It’s worth taking a warm bath about an hour or two before bedtime as this helps your body temperature to decrease after you leave the bath and your body adapts to the cooler environment." 


You may think the fewer clothes the better when it comes to sleeping during a heatwave, but that's not the case.

According to Thistleton, you're much better off wearing pajamas to bed than wearing nothing at all.

She explained: "Wearing pajamas actually draws sweat away from your body and allows you to keep cooler and more comfortable so it's worth wearing some loose, thin clothing instead of sleeping naked."

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