I’m a tattoo fan & have loads of dumb face ones – my freckles are fake and one I thought would vanish is still there | The Sun

SHE'S covered in tattoos, from top to toe.

And one woman took to TikTok to showcase all of the "dumb" inkings she has on her face, in a video requested by hundreds of her followers.

"Let’s take a look at all of the dumb stuff I have on my face," Daisy began.

"Right across my forehead we have this script. It says Stranger as angels, it is from Just Like Heaven by The Cure, and I had this done by DoplerTattoo – he works on the Gold Coast – and he literally just drew this script onto my head with a f**king biro.

"It was amazing."

All of Daisy's freckles are tattooed – and she did them herself.

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"I have done them about once every six months from the start of 2020 onwards, so I’ve probably done them five or six times at this point," she said.

She also has two dots, one under each eye, which she got done because she thinks "they're pretty".

Daisy went on to show a tattoo on her ear, which she said she's considering having lasered off, and her inner lip inking.

"I had my inner lip tattooed 12 years ago, it’s not really meant to last very long, mine did," she said.

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"It says Punk Rock… at least it used to say Punk Rock, it kind of says Pu-K-K now I think!"

Concluding her video, Daisy said: "I’ve had my brows and lips tattooed as well but I’m wearing make-up so you can’t see.

"And that is all the idiot stuff I have on my face!"

"Thank you for your videos – I got freckle tattoos because I have seen them on your page," one person commented on the video.

While another added: "i don’t like face tattoos but that script is so cool, also a beautiful song."

"I love the dots under your eyes!" a third praised.

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