I'm a teacher – people are always surprised by what I do on my days off, I won't tell my students I'm on TikTok | The Sun

A TEACHER has revealed her extra-curricular pursuits and it has surprised her followers.

But it's been a struggle to keep her interests outside the classroom far away from the curious ears of her students.

They want to know all about them and have been bombarding her with questions.

So far Dani Darling (@danidarlingg) has managed to deftly bat them off.

For now at least.

In one of her posts from her classroom, she talked about some of the questions she is asked.

“When my students try to talk to me about TikTok," she said.

Some of these included: "Don’t you have a TikTok? "You have lots of followers." and, "Can we be in your video?"

With over 82,000 likes, it will be hard for Dani to keep her life out of the classroom completely quiet.

She has encountered mild shock when people learn teaching isn't all she is about.

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“Me when people find out I’m a teacher and a fitness model," she said in one of her posts, mocking a face of incredulity.

But her list of activities keeps her busy.

“My favorite hobby: working out," she said.

Asked what she did on her days off, she replied: "Work out.”

A follow-up question got a similar reply: "How do you stay active and healthy?" Simple: "Working out," said Dani.

The answer to her final inquiry had nothing to do with gyms, however: “What makes you happiest?” To which she beamed: "Puppies."

Comments to her post bemoaned the fact their teachers were little like Dani when they were at school.

“Teachers didn’t look like this when I was at school," was a typical observation.

Finally, this fan's school experience might have been a very different one if Dani had been his teacher: “Very pretty lady. If I'd had a teacher like you I would have never skipped a class," he admitted.

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