I'm a vet & here are five dog breeds that are so calm & easygoing – plus great with kids | The Sun

WHEN it comes to deciding on a dog breed, it's important to get one with a temperament and personality that fits into your lifestyle well.

From being good with kids to loyal companions, they each come with their different perks.

But if it's an easygoing pooch that you're after, then look no further.

A vet named Adam Christman, who is based in the US, has taken to TikTok to share a list of the five most calm dogs around.

In the clip, he wastes no time in ranking the breeds and begins: "Coming it at number five for being patient, loyal, low-key (and a little stubborn), it's the Basset Hound!"

He goes on to reveal that the LeonBerger takes fourth place.


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"They have tremendous amounts of patience and heaps of affection," he says.

The Havanese comes in third due to it's "playful" nature, with Adam noting how they have a "healthy balance of being affectionate and mellow."

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The vet moves onto second place and continues: "One look into these dreamy eyes and you're done!

"The're sweet, affectionate and we should knight them….the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel."

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Then, revealing the number one calm breed, Adam praises: "Gentle, great with kids and as a veterinarian, I think they're made up of sunshine and rainbows…it's the Golden Retriever."

The post has since garnered an impressive 2.3 million views, with many dog owners taking to the comments section to offer their opinions on the rankings.

"My Golden is a tripping hazard," joked one.

A second penned: "As a dog handler Goldens don't belong on that list – they are crazy!"

A third commented: "I knew none of mine would be on there! Love Basset Hounds! I will own one someday."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Love my Havanese – personalities and laziness."

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A further noted: "I have a golden n now I know what golden lovers have been saying. My lord. The best dogs ever."

And one more added: "I have 3 Havanese. You described them very well. They are the best!"

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