I’m a waitress and I hate the junk parents let their kids eat – they’d go mad if they knew what I did behind the scenes

A WAITRESS has suggested that she often cuts restaurant goers' sugar intake which has divided opinion online.

Abby Lacy, from the US, posted the video to her TikTok account where it has gone viral with over 800k views.

It is unclear which restaurant Abby works at, but in a TikTok video she suggests that she waters down sugary drinks for young customers.

She wrote in the caption “and she’ll have a coke” ma’am it’s EIGHT p.m. and she’s SEVEN."

But many users were unimpressed by Abby's comments on watering down children's fizzy drinks.

In the video Abby wrote: "The feminine urge to water down ever single kids lemonade or soda because it's absolutely repulsive how much sugar these parents let their kids drink."

Viewers argued that they may have diabetes or a medical condition which requires getting their blood sugar levels higher, and that watering down drinks could put people in danger.

Many also said it wasn't fair for Abby to judge them for giving their kids sugar whilst eating out as many claimed this was the only time they did allow them to.

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Abby's video sparked a heated debate in the comment section of her video.

One mum said: "Except that’s the only time my kids got sugary drinks. So once a month, then it was treat and treats are okay. Stop judging parents."

"But what if they’re a type 1 diabetic and need the drink to raise their blood sugar?" Asked another viewer.

Another parent commented: "Going out is usually a treat.. it’s not hard to not judge a strangers parenting style in which you have no clue about. That’s embarrassing."

While many parents seemed to feel attacked by Abby's video, there were other viewers who agreed with Abby.

"Haha I’m a mom of 3 and I approve this message!" Said one mum.

Another viewer wrote: "All the bad moms are just outing themselves in these comments."

But many waitresses admitted to doing the same thing, one wrote: "YES. One lady gave her 1-year-old coke!"

"No but I had parents order their CHILDREN COFFEE. they got decaf." Wrote another user.

A third server said: "Lol I did this when I was a server, but typically after a 2nd refill."

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