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A WOMAN who has worked with supermodels and celebrities alike has shared her top tips to get the hair of dreams. 

Known as The Snobb, she’s a renowned hairstylist who knows a thing or two about getting runway ready and fit to take on a magazine cover shoot, too. 

She has a track record to prove it, too, as her Instagram page is full of celebrities she’s styled for, including Naomi Campbell, Munroe Bergdorf and Stefflon Don. 

Now, in a series called Unknown Secrets Of A Celebrity Hairstylist, she’s revealed all of her must-know tips and tricks to the masses. 

Posing in front of a pink background, she briefly explained who she is before sharing: “I’m going to be showing you guys the hacks and hairstyle to get your hair from zero to 100.” 

Glossy and Glamorous

One of the best tips up her sleeve was on how she manages to create the perfect “glossy sweep fringes”, which is a technique she gets asked about “all the time”. 

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She told viewers that many people get this so wrong as they take out too much hair from the front to create the look. 

After parting the model’s hair from the side, she instructed viewers to brush the fringe forward before taking it up into a bun on the head. 

Using a hairdryer, she then began smoothing the hair on both sides down.

“The trick is to section it, a lot of people just do it all at once,” she explained as she used a comb to secure each strand of hair into place. 

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Taking an extra step, she used a hot comb to flatten the roots and used hairspray on the area. Finally, she used the hairdryer once again to reinforce what she’d done. 

“You can already tell the glassy look is starting to form,” she said. 

The Snobb then instructed viewers to repeat these steps for the rest of the hair.

The wig trick

She shared her how-to guide on getting your wigs looking gorgeous after leaving it looking drab for far too long.

Bringing out an old wig, she first wet it before getting a tangle teezer brush to remove the knots. 

“You have to be patient,” she told viewers. “You don’t want your lace to be bald because that’s not the vibe.” 

Once she’d finished and dried it off, the stylist did what she called a “flow test” by simply holding the wig up before shaking it around to make sure it didn’t hang limp. 

After glueing it onto the model’s head, she then used a paddle brush and a hair dryer to get it looking smooth and seamless. 

Displaying images of some of the people she’s worked with, such as Stefflon Don, Leonie Anderson and Bree Runway, she shared: “Sometimes on set things happen as fast, you just have to improvise. 

“But as long as you’re getting the desired result, that’s all that matters honey.” 

The Snobb, who shared her tips on the YouTube channel Four Nine Looks, then went over the model’s hair with a fine tooth comb and a straightener. 

“Look at this, oh my gosh, a revamped, slick, smooth… and you’re ready to go,” she told the model, who sported a simple straight hair look. “Go and take some pictures for the gram honey!” 

Bye-bye baby hairs

Her final tip was on how to style the edges of the hair, which would complete the overall look. 

“Now we’re going to start with the edges and I’m going to give you two different methods,” she told viewers. 

Cutting off the end of one edge, she told viewers that they’ll need to use their “mini straighteners” for this part to curl the end. 

Using her comb, she then smoothed it down to be flat against the model’s face. She said: “So nice fluffy baby hair honey, just to get that natural look, you know?” 

The Snobb then put some hairspray on her little brush and used that along with her finger to smooth the edges down.

While this, she said, is perfect for the fluffy look for Instagram, there’s another way to do it that makes it look a lot slicker. 

She simply put some mouse onto the back of her hand and dipped her brush into it before applying it directly onto the edge. 

“And there we have it,” she said. “If you want more of that wet look on your baby hairs, that slick down look, you can get that with the mousse.” 

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