I'm an air hostess – the five tips all mums should know before flying with a toddler and how to make it a doddle | The Sun

CHECKING in your bags. Going through security. Racing to the gate before it closes.

Without trying to sound overly-dramatic, we've always found every step of airport travel stressful – but add a screaming child into the equation and it's the stuff of our absolute nightmares.

Well if you're heading overseas with your young family this summer, then you might just want to take on board this Wizz Air flight attendant's advice.

Pick your seats strategically

They explained: "The front and back of the plane are always going to be high traffic areas as it’s where the bathrooms are located.

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"Therefore, it’s likely that this is where the most distractions will be.

"It’s worth choosing your seats, accordingly, considering what is likely to entertain, and distress the child."

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Be the last to board

Although families will often have priority boarding, the flight attendant says it's not necessarily the best idea if your kids are already restless.

They said: "Consider when to enter the plane itself. If you and your party are the first on board, it can take up to half an hour for the rest of the passengers to take their seat.

"Ultimately, that’s an additional half an hour to entertain any children present. Book the seats in advance and towards the end of line."

Prepare your kids on what to expect

If this will be your kids' first time flying, the travel pro said it's a good idea to chat them through the stages of the journey.

They suggested: "Laying the groundwork with children before the flight as well as adopting reasonable expectations of them is crucial as soon as booking the flight.

"Before the flight, talk to the child often about the plane, what will happen and what to expect.

"Chat about the seatbelts,the light up signs and sounds along with take off and landing.

"This will work to build excitement and ease any anxiety the child may be feeling with regards to the experience."

Stagger what toys you give them

As tempting as it is to hand over their tablet the second they're in their seats, the flight attendant said this may cause issues later on in the flight.

Instead, they said: "It’s vital that you entertain strategically.

"If every toy is given in the beginning, then if the child grows bored, there is nothing new to entertain them with.

"Present each product of entertainment one by one and save the best, or their favourite toy until last.

"This allows the level of entertainment to evolve throughout the

Keep them away from the aisles

Unless you're on a long-haul flight and they need to stretch their legs, the pro recommended keeping your kids out of the aisles where possible.

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They added: "Refrain from letting them know that generally, you can walk up and down the airplane aisles.

"Instead, either let the child know that they can walk the aisles to use the bathroom or only within certain times."

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