I'm an elegance coach – three viral make-up trends that make you look cheap & why a popular eyebrow look is a no-no | The Sun

A STYLE pro has revealed which three popular make-up fads make you look anything but elegant – and how a certain eyebrow trend is cheapening your appearance.

When it comes to a chic look, most of us immediately think about fashion – but whilst your garments do play a huge part, your make-up is just as important.

To make sure you look your best this summer, Antonia Higham took to TikTok where she shared three of the most common beauty mistakes – and what to opt for instead.

The whizz, better known to her fans as @antoniahigham, started the clip with choosing the right lipstick.

Instead of a harsh lip liner around your pout that she deemed as tacky, the stylish guru advised to go for a more natural look.

Antonia urged to keep the gloss to a minimum and instead, choose a neutral lippy.

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Another thing to be wary of are the latest eyebrow trends – they might be all the rage but according to the expert, some are best avoided.

One of them, for instance, is the laminated eyebrow look, especially when the hairs are poking upwards.

A more elegant approach is a neat, natural brow that's trimmed and shaped occassionally.

Last but certainly not least – your lashes.

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In Antonia's eyes, thick eyelash extensions are anything but elegant and will make anyone look cheap in an instant.

The whizz urged to ditch these and swap the heavy look for natural lashes.


But sadly for the pro, it seems that not everyone will be following her tips any time soon, as dozens flocked to comments to hit back at the recommendations.

''I disagree with the first one,'' said a viewer.

Another added: ''I’m brown some of these lipsticks don’t look good on me without brown liner.''

''Maybe u Are right but ur outfight saying something else [sic],'' a meanie penned.

''i don’t understand how people even like the feathered eyebrows it pains me,'' a social media user agreed with Antonia.

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