I'm an elegance guru – the three items that make you look so cheap & the 90s fashion staple I never want to see again | The Sun

IF you never know what outfit to throw together in the morning, then you may want to take note…

That's because an elegance guru has revealed three fashion items you should avoid if you're hoping to look classy rather than cheap.

In a clip shared to TikTok, the woman, known only as @femmechic_inspo, posted a clip which she captioned: "Begin your Elegant era."

She then proceeds to note that you can achieve this by avoiding various garments – including jean shorts.

While many would consider them to be a must-have summer staple, the elegance whizz warns these – particularly ripped ones – should be avoided at all costs if you're hoping to look elegant instead of tacky.

Next up on her hit list is a '90s classic – the bomber jacket.


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Despite sharing a snap of Hailey Bieber looking super stylish in a khaki green and orange lined bomber, she warns it's a big no if you want to look rich.

And if you're guilty of throwing on an oversized T-shirt with a printed caption, then you may want to think again, too.


The elegance guru doesn't care if it's an easy-to-wear outfit, it's simply not elegant.

The post has sine gone viral, racking up thousands of views and several comments – with a few mixed opinions.

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"Personally I love bomber jackets but those ripped jeans really are a no go!!" wrote one.

The elegance whizz replied: "Bomber jackets are pretty but not always elegant, you really need to pay attention to the style and fabric of the jacket."

Another chimed in: "Couldn’t agree more!"

Meanwhile, a fourth questioned: "What type of clothes can we wear in summer that aren’t shorts?"

In response, one person noted: "It’s not that shorts are wrong.

"But those ripped denim short are.

"You could wear skirts or tailored shorts. Preferably white or navy blue. So classy!!"

The elegance guru added: "Perfect!"

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