I’m an interior designer – an 'outdated' decor style that makes your home look like an AMC, it's disgusting | The Sun

AN interior designer has revealed three decor choices that don't do your home justice.

He said one particular outdated style makes a space look like an AMC movie theatre.

Bilal Rehman (@bilalrehmanstudio) shared the advice with over 480,000 TikTok followers.

"Three things making your house ugly as f**k," the interior designer emphasized.

"Taxidermy, I don't know who thought of this and I can only imagine their thought process but trust me when I say your baby Peaches does not need to suffer in her afterlife," he joked.

Right after dead animals on your walls, the expert believed that popcorn ceilings were a no-go.

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"I didn't know you lived in AMC," he said.

"Not only are they outdated but if you're an allergy-sensitive b***h like me, they're disgusting and the worst for your allergies," he explained.

Last but not least, Rehman got the ick from inflatable furniture.

"Last time I checked, you're not in a frat house," he said.

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"If you're old enough to have bills, you're old enough to have some real furniture."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on his take.

"Popcorn ceilings often contain asbestos so guys please don’t remove it yourself without someone qualified to check it!" said one commenter.

"You are hilarious and I love it," said another.

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