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IF YOU haven't already put up your Christmas decorations, beware of these tacky mistakes.

Although it's supposed to be a time of giving, there's nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to decor – especially if your family want their awful decorations on full display.

Whether it's scratchy tinsel, plastic baubles or coloured fairy lights, some Christmas trends are so outdated and will do nothing but make your home look so tacky even Father Christmas will want to avoid it.

So, here's what to steer clear of this festive season.

Inflatable garden decorations

They might look good when you first put them up, but the truth is inflatable decorations break easily and cost a lot of money, so they're rarely worth the effort.

Interior designer Garrett LeChic explained: "They're big, they're overwhelming, they're expensive, they have a lot of moving parts and can break often."


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Sure, kids might love them, but Garrett reckons there are better ways to impress your little ones that don't involve a huge inflatable snowman in your front garden.

Wrapping ribbon on your tree

Although ribbon can look stunning on a Christmas tree, wrapping your tree with ribbon like it's a present is a big no-no.

According to Sharrah Stevens, who is an expert on all things Christmas, people tend to get carried away with ribbons.

She said: "They take ribbon and just wrap it around the tree like it's a mummy. You don't want to mummify your tree.

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"You want to take the ribbons weave them into the tree, attach them to the branches, weave them back out, and do it in a diagonal pattern."

This way, your tree will look loads more cohesive and less like it was thrown together in a hurry.

Christmas-themed signs

If you have a 'Santa please stop here' sign, it's time to get rid of it for good.

But it's not just signs in your garden that look tacky, and Christmas-themed word art is totally is bad in general, at least according to Garrett LeChic.

"We don't need to be decorating with words all over the house, I think there's a limited amount you can kind of get away with.

"One little sign that says 'Christmas' is kind of cute, but we can leave it to that one sign.

"We don't need them everywhere, we don't need a sign that says 'Christmas tree farm'.

If you want something that's got the same vibe but doesn't look so tacky, Garrett suggests having a wooden advent calendar that looks timeless and is more interactive instead.

Personalised baubles

There's no need to personalise you Christmas decorations, it might've cost a fortune to do, but the sad news is it actually looks cheap.

Matt from InHousesaid: "These customised items are kind of dated."

They might've been alright in the mid-200's, but there's no need to put every date, or name onto decorations.

So ditch the 'Baby's first Christmas' bauble and instead go for something more subtle but still sentimental.

Multipack baubles

Buying big multipacks of baubles might be convenient and cheap, but your Christmas tree deserves better.

"They're cheap and generic, they all look the same and follow a colour scheme.

"There's so many more interesting things you could put on your tree," Matt explained.

Rather than go the easy route, take the time to build up your bauble collection of the years with individual ones that feel more special – just avoid anything coated in glitter.

Strict colour themes

Having a colour theme for your Christmas tree can be a great way to get you started when looking for decorations.

But all too often people are far too strict with their colour scheme, Matt explained, and the results are a cheap and tacky looking tree.

He said: "Just having the same colours all the time doesn't give you a creative feelings"

"I feel like it's a very dated concept and it's a rule that someone's given our parents that you need to have a colour scheme to make sure things go together."

Matt suggested a colour way could be a better idea, where you have all pastels, or all jewel tones, with many different colours rather than just 'red and green' or 'blue and silver'.

Overly trendy decorations

Christmas might be the one time when it's best to avoid trends and go with something more classic.

"You only decorate your home for Christmas for one month out of the year, so you want those things to last for several years, if not decades," Matt explained.

Anything too novelty might be funny right now, but by next year the chances are you'll be over it and it will have been a waste of money.

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Not only that, but covering your tree in jokey baubles that look like avocados, pizza slices or stilettos just screams cheap and tacky.

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