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AN INTERIOR designer has warned against overusing one colour – it might make your home look like a "tacky mess".

If you're thinking about giving your living room or bedroom a mega makeover – these tips could be for you.

Modern glam interior design is a popular aesthetic, but Valerie from Brexton Cole Interiors shared a few words of wisdom about how to pull it off.

In a video shared on TikTok, the guru said: "If you love modern glam interior design but don't want it to look like a tacky mess then this is for you.

"First thing is I like modern glam decor, but only in doses.

"I'm talking about mirror furniture, rhinestone decor, fake flowers and too much brass.

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"This style overloads the senses and doesn't feel natural or timeless."

But Valerie did offer some ways to prevent your home becoming a "gaudy mess".

"If you like this style, here are some tips to make it more appealing", she continued.

"I would balance out the extravagant accessories with some simpler materials like wood, fabric, wool and natural plants.

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"Another tip, instead of buying thousands of dollars worth of goods at Home Goods, invest in fewer pieces that are higher quality.

"This will make a bigger impact than lots of cheap faux luxury."

If your home renovation is being carried out on a tight budget, the interior designer recommended second-hand antique shops and independent stores such as Etsy.

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