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WHETHER you live in a tiny apartment or a spacious house, closet space is a hot commodity so it's a good idea to maximize it.

Thankfully, there's a cheap trick to get more space out of your closet.

Elnaz Hamai, an organizing pro, shared her hack for tidying up her closet, which just about doubles the number of clothes and accessories she can fit.

In a video, Hamai used shower rings to organize her closet in a number of different ways.

She first used the rings to hang up five pairs of jeans through the belt loops.

Hamai then added several rings to a hanger and was able to hang up five tank tops.

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With this trick, you could fit four more tops on every hanger, which would truly maximize your space.

Lastly, the expert used the shower rings to neatly hang up all of her purses.

Hamai's organizing hack is also budget-friendly as a pack of 12 shower rings will only cost you $9.96 at Walmart.

In the comments section, people seemed very grateful to Hamai for sharing her useful tip.

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One wrote: "Whoo hoo I’m doing this!! Thank you sooooo much you rock so SMART!!!!"

Another added: "Thans for sharing this amazing idea.

"Came right on time. About to organize my closet, this will help."

"You just changed my life," a third comment read.

Someone else commented: "Omg you're the best!!! I've never seen any jeans hack better than this."

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