I'm dating so many men, I have a huge Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them & my mum even has access to add comments | The Sun

THOSE who are single know how difficult dating can be – and it's even more complicated when you're chatting to dozens of Would Be Romeos all at once.

This is what one woman used to struggle with… until she came up with a rather genius solution – using a giant Excel spreadsheet that allows her to keep track of them all.

The TikTok user Emily (@crumbletumble00) has become so fond of this unusual method, she has even offered fellow singletons a copy of the Excel sheet.

The Dating Tracker, as shared on social media, comes with a variety of questions, which Emily then ticks accordingly.

These include the more basic background, such as Name, Insider Nickname, Phone Number and a snap of them, as well as other, just as important, aspects of the potential Romeo.

Looking for a relationship, Emily is keen to find out as much information as possible and there are a few things that might be a deal-breaker, for instance, if their religion doesn't match her beliefs.

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If the person has successfully managed to get past the talking stage and the two meet up in person, the serial dater also makes sure pen down a short summary of the day.

Of course, like most of us, Emily also shares the Ins and Outs of the Would Be Romeo with the ones closest to her – and both Emily's mum and her best friend have access to the file as well.

If there's something the two wish to add, they have a dedicated section where they can jot some notes.

Demonstrating how the huge spreadsheet functions, Emily chuckled saying her mum likes to be ''very judgemental'' and won't hold bac anything.

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''My best friend also comments what she thinks as well, which I think is funny.''

Explaining why she had decided to make the document in the first place, the dater claimed it's a helpful way to remember things.

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''I’m just generally forgetful.

''I think it’s sweet since it helps my friends keep track. Also, if I ever did date one of these guys, I can reference since I’m forgetful.''

Racking up more than a whopping 2million views, the video has gone viral, leaving many in stitches.

One commented: ''My 61 year old best friend did this 30+ years ago and was dating 10 men at one point. Such a queen.''

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Someone else chuckled: ''I don’t. I mess up the convos so they know they aren’t the only one.''

A third was very impressed with her IT skills and wrote: ''bestie you are missing out on a million dollar career in project management with these excel skills.''

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