I’m in my 50s but look years younger – it’s all thanks to my DIY three-ingredient face mask | The Sun

GROWING older has its challenges, but you wouldn't know one influencer recently turned 52.

The beauty pro shared her secret recipe for flawless, glowing skin, and it only takes minutes to mix up.

On her TikTok channel, Shab shares beauty and lifestyle guidance with her 586k followers, with a focus on content for women over 40.

In a recent video, she revealed her family secret, a DIY mask that exfoliates the skin while providing an anti-inflammatory treatment.

"I'm South Asian, and my mom taught me how to make this facial," Shab said. She said the mixture can help fix dull or uneven skin, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

To start, mix two tablespoons of rice flour, one tablespoon of yogurt, and a small amount of honey.


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Sometimes for an added glow, Shab also uses chana flour, made from ground chickpeas. If the mixture is too thick, she sprinkles in a little water.

Shab demonstrated the mask in action. "You can use a tool, but your hands will work just as well," she said, massaging it into her skin.

After waiting 15 minutes, she rinsed with a wet, warm washcloth.

"I don't know if you can tell, but I can tell my skin looks brighter," Shab said, showing off her skin to the camera.

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She pointed out the areas on her face that benefited most from the treatment.

"My little age spot here looks a little bit light," she said, gesturing at the mark.

"I think my undereye bags, the darkness is less visible," she added.

Commenters gushed over Shab's beautiful complexion and asked how frequently they should use the mask at home.

"I do this once or twice per week," she wrote. In the beginning, you may want to use it less often, and build up to a more consistent routine.

"Never overdo anything," Shab said, "and as always use your discretion."

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