I’m known as the Big Belly Goddess – trolls tell me to put my body away but I don’t care | The Sun

A WOMAN known on social media as the ‘Big Belly Goddess’ has taken to TikTok to reveal that trolls tell her to put her body away, but she doesn’t care what the haters think about her plus-size figure.

Bel, known as the Big Belly Goddess, posts on TikTok under the username @curvesonabundance.

She regularly shares self-love and body confidence content to the video sharing platform, where she has amassed an impressive 79.2k followers and 1.2million likes.

The size 20 social media user wants to help other women to learn to love their bodies and accept themselves, regardless of their size.

In one clip, Bel said: “POV: People in your comments tell you to hide your body.” 

At the start of the clip, we see Bel naked, but covering her breasts and vagina with two pieces of cardboard. 

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However, just a few moments later, Bel removed the cardboard and transitioned to wearing a bandeau top and a pair of cycling shorts, showing off her belly.

She smiled and rolled her eyes, displaying her confidence for all of the trolls to see.

Her clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 36.8k views and 2,676 likes. 

TikTok users were inspired by Bel and loved her confidence, which many expressed in the comments. 

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One person said: “Wish I had your confidence.” 

Another added: “You inspire me.”

A third commented: “Obsessed.”

In another clip, Bel explained: “POV: You’re feeling insecure because of your belly.

“Don’t let the unrealistic beauty standards fool you!”

She also said: “When fatphobia is still extremely prevalent but you are so deep in your self love journey that you couldn't care less.

“Love your insecurities. Love yourself.

“Our bodies deserve to be loved.

“You don’t owe anybody a flat tummy.

“You are so much more than just your body.

“You are worthy. 

“Your weight doesn’t define you. Never forget.

“Don't let anyone stop you from wearing what you want to wear!

“You are beautiful just the way you are.” 

However, when addressing unrealistic body standards, trolls were quick to comment on Bel’s body, with many leaving nasty comments on her video.

One user posted: “Tuck ur stomach in ur pants like always.”

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A second chimed in: “I agree with unrealistic Beauty standards but that isn’t healthy anymore.”

Whilst a third claimed: “It’s not unrealistic to not look like Fiona.”

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