I’m laundry pro – you NEED to clean your washing machine way more often than you do, here’s why | The Sun

AS you would with your clothes, the washing machine requires a soak and scrub too, but why?

ONE housekeeper exposed the common appliance most people forget to clean, why they should, and how to do it.

Cleaning connoisseur Illeana is a busy mom-of-three who works as a professional housekeeper.

She posted a YouTube video discussing why and how you should clean your washing machine.

"When was the last time you cleaned your washing machine?" she asked viewers.

Illeana explains that if you don't clean your washing machine, it will stink.


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And clean it often, so it never smells bad.

All you need are brush scrubbers, a rag, a bucket, and Amazon's $10.18 Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner.

Affresh recommends cleaning it once a month.

Illeana demonstrates the best way to do it.

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"The first thing we're going to do is clean the soap dispenser," she begins.

The soap dispenser should easily pop out.

Mix cleaner with soap and water in your bucket.

You can soak the dispenser parts in the bucket and use a rag to wipe them.

"Prior to putting the part back inside, make sure to scrub and clean this nook," she says, referring to the space the dispenser fits in.

Next, she moves on to cleaning the filters.

"There are two parts you're going to want to unhook and drain. Make sure you take out the parts, scrub it and as well clean it and put it back together," Illeana explains.

When you clean the inside of the drum and door: ensure you get the rubber parts, especially if you have a front loader.

"The last but most important part is finalizing with an Affresh tablet will not only help your machine perform better but smell better," she admits.

Once you put the tablet in, run the machine on a tough load cycle.

Viewers pointed out that front loaders are more of a problem than people think.

"We moved into a house that came with front loaders. Previous owners did not take care of it at all. I had no idea what I was doing so had to do a lot of research. Finally got rid of the smell," one person explained.

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Others were shocked you had to clean this appliance.

"I didn’t even know you should do most of this stuff I just use affresh when I can remember lol thanks for these tips," a commenter admitted.

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