I’m midsize – I tried jeans from Khloe Kardashian’s Good American & was shocked by how they made my butt look | The Sun

WHEN a pair of skinny jeans can hug your body and still be breathable, it's like magic.

Mid-size fashion influencer Shelby tested a pair of Good American jeans. According to her, the way they made her butt look was unmatched.

From Walmart to American Eagle, Shelby has tried too many pairs of jeans to count.

If you're mid-size like her, she knows the options you're better off saving your money with and the ones worth breaking the bank.

She's a size 12/14.

She posted a video trying on one specific pair of Good American jeans to see if they're splurge-worthy.


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"These are supposed to be the best pair of jeans for mid-size girls. Everyone says you need to own Good American jeans," Shelby says.

Since most Good American jeans are $100 or more, Shelby needed to see if the price fit the quality of the pants.

Shelby tries on the $159 Good Waist Crop Chew Hem pants.

According to the website, these are the "ultimate high rise waist-shaper."

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The way they naturally sinch Shelby's body like an hourglass confirms their shaping effect.

"Okay, here's my first impression, wowza. The instant hourglass this just gave me, feeling totally snatched in these jeans," she says.

Shelby explains that the material isn't stiff but stretchy.

She believes them to be perfect for curvy women because of how well they "level up" her curves like no other pair of jeans have done before.

"If these are in your budget, I would spend the money on Good American jeans. Just look at what it's doing for my backside… booty is instant lift," Shelby admits.

"I LOVE mine. I now have 4 pairs. – the trick, creep the sale page. Then sale usually goes an extra 40 off. MUCH cheaper," a viewer suggested.

Another person wrote: "I was nervous on the price but giiiiiirrrrlllll.. I LOVE THEM! pants are such a struggle for meeee."

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