I'm plus size and did a Valentine's Day haul from Red Dress – the outfits are so cute I feel ready for my dinner date | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED fashion influencer has taken to TikTok to show off some of her favorite flirt-worthy outfit options for the upcoming holiday.

Leah Ryder, who boasts over 790,000 followers, is known for pulling together creative outfits to cater to broader builds.

Influencers like Ryder are flocking to social media to share fashion tips ahead of February 14.

"For the first time in my entire existence, I'm actually planning ahead for Valentine's Day," said the popular TikTok star.

She proceeded to ask her followers for feedback on which outfit to wear for the special occasion.

Ryder's first candidate was a long-sleeved silver gown.

"Definitely keeping this one if I have an event or anything," Ryder told her followers.

She gave it a twirl before commenting that she may appear overdressed for the upcoming holiday.

On the plus side, Ryder did note that it was made out of exceptionally comfortable material.

"I love feeling super dressed up, but also feeling comfy," she added.

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Ryder appeared next in a reddish, tulle skirt with a tucked-in satin bell-sleeved shirt.

"This one screams Valentine's Day. It's so girly, it's perfect for a date night."

The fashion influencer appeared confident in feminine apparel.

"Definitely something I could see myself wearing," she noted.

The third contender was a bright floral dress with a smocked top.

Ryder appreciated the extra stretch around the bust area and added that the floral pattern made for a great Valentine's Day look.

The blossoming dress cast a shadow over her last option, which she admitted did not feel fit for the occasion.

"I don't think this one's gonna be for Valentine's day at all," said the TikToker.

While she adored the color and the cut, Ryder did not feel that the rainbow patchwork was appropriate for the romantic night out.

"I feel like it's in its own realm," she added.

Most of Ryder's followers were in support of the second option, suggesting that the skirt was giving just the right Valentine's day energy,

"2!!!!!! It’s so cute and so much movement," one person commented.

Another person pointed out that the first option might leave some people wondering if the influencer was ready for bed.

"Silver looks like a robe or pajamas," the TikTok user wrote.

A handful of people were completely up in the air, suggesting that the shining TikTok star looked beautiful in all four options.

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"These all look like they were made for you!" another follower commented.

Ryder noted that all of the outfits were purchased from Red Dress and are size extra large.

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