I’m plus-size & ordered a pair of ‘5-star’ Shein jeans based off rave reviews but people are ‘screaming’ at what I got | The Sun

A WOMAN ordered a pair of jeans off Shein based on rave reviews but people have been laughing at what she got instead.

She waited two weeks for her order to come in, only to be immensely disappointed.

Eliza, a 22-year-old from Indiana, shared that she was "so excited to get my package" after placing her order.

The product photo showed off the jeans hugging every curve on a plus-sized model.

The jeans' glowing reviews played a big factor in her purchase, where the average review was just under five stars.

"And I read the reviews. Obviously, I read the reviews. Over 2,000 frickin' reviews, right?" she said.

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A try-on reveals that the jeans she had received instead were a pair of light wash, mom jeans with a splattered-paint design.

"I cannot make this up when I say that Shein sent me these," she said.

She added: "Not even in the same category.

"Not skinny jeans, not what I ordered."

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"Like, who in their right mind would wear this? C'mon now," she said.

Viewers had a field day in the comments, making jokes at her expense.

"IM SCREAMMMMINGGGGGG," said one commenter.

"I literally just laughed so loud," said another.

"With a splash of paint on the bottom," said another, really rubbing salt into the wound.

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