I’m such a good catfish that even I don’t know what I look like anymore – people are stunned by my transformation | The Sun

MAKEUP can completely transform the way someone looks – but they usually still look like themselves, with a few enchantments.

But one beauty lover took things to a whole other level when she shared her epic transformation online, leaving viewers stunned.

Valeria Voronina has made a name for herself on social media thanks to her epic transformations.

In a recent clip she confused viewers by sharing a closeup shot of her face from a not so flattering angle with the caption: "Do I really look like this?"

She then showed the power of not just makeup, but the right angles and lighting, as she transformed in the second half of the video to a flawless version of herself.

All the imperfections on Valeria's face seem to completely vanish thanks to her impressive skills – and viewers couldn't quite believe it.


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"That's not makeup. That's magic," one person quipped.

And others agreed that her skills go beyond just makeup.

A second wrote: "Totally the same person, she's beautiful. Not the power of makeup, the power of ANGLES!!"

Another agreed: "I think you know how to get the right angle!"

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But others were just confused by the transformation and couldn't believe she was the same person in the 'before' and 'after'.

One viewer commented: "There's no way this is the same person…"

Someone else wrote: "I don't even know what to think?!"

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