I'm the ultimate catfish – my make-up skills are so good, people say I could unlock Christina Aguilera's iPhone

A MAKE-UP guru has gone viral after sharing an incredible transformation, which left many saying she looks like Christina Aguilera.

The TikTok user Sofia Divine, @sofiadivene_, has amassed herself a notable following of close to 350,000 people on the social media giant, with many praising her skills.

Racking up more than 8.6 million likes, her videos have taken the internet by storm – and one such clip sees her turning into the famous American singer, Christina Aguilera.

At the start of the clip, which has been viewed by over 435,000 TikTok users, the skilled blonde can be seen laughing alongside text ''POV (Point of View): you stole Christina Aguileras phone but need Face ID to unlock it [sic]''.

The viral trend has seen many reveal the striking resemblance between them and famous celebrities, like the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Lady Gaga, and Sofia's stunning looks are no exception.


For the first half of the video, the talented woman is barefaced and with messy hair, wearing a loose grey t-shirt.

She then stops smiling, faces the camera up towards the ceiling only to then reveal the ultimate transformation.

From a plain woman, Sofia's suddenly turned into one of the biggest global superstars, rocking the famous newsboy cap Christina Aguilera was known for in the early 2000s.

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The signature look's completed with a natural smokey eye with some golden eye shadow, a shiny nose piercing and a glossy nude lip.

The incredible transformation left many impressed, with someone even tagging the popular singer.

''@Christina Aguilera let’s borrow your phone real quick.

''We just wanna see something.''

Although social media is full of similar videos, many thought Sofia's was the best one yet, like this an who wrote: ''YOU WIN THIS TREND!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

Another agreed, saying: ''Still baffles me every time how much you look alike.''

''So ICONIC,'' commented someone, whilst a fellow viewer added: ''Nailed it.''

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