I'm the world's cheapest mum, I refuse to buy my kids news clothes – I just get them from the dump

A MUM has revealed that she refuses to buy her kids pricey new clothes, sourcing new outfits from the dump instead.

Rosana, 52, describes herself as the “Queen of frugalness”, sharing her money-saving ways on TLC’s So Freakin’ Cheap.

The money-saving mum refuses to splash the cash no matter what the occasion, so when her daughter Charisma wants to set up a photoshoot to kick start her modelling career, Rosana is quick to come up with cheap alternatives.

Rather than fork out for a pricey studio space Rosana drags her daughter to the local junk yard to capture her portfolio shots.

And you can bet that the mum didn’t treat Charisma to a chic new ensemble either, instead she instructs her older daughter Elizabeth to piece together her own outfit from rubbish in the scrap yard.

Trash it may be, but the finished results are enough to reduce proud Rosana to tears.

“When Charisma comes out with that trash dress that Elizabeth made, I feel like I almost want to cry,” Rosana says.

“You know it’s like how a mother sees her daughter getting married in her bridal gown and just walk out and I mean it is that moment.”

“I am always proud of Charisma for everything she does, even though I am not that much into modelling but today she is beautiful. 

“She does a very good job and I’m pretty sure we will have a great portfolio for Charisma.” 

Fashion isn't the only area where Rosana likes to save money, scrimping every last penny when it comes to spa days.

Her daughter explains: “Spa day is not necessarily a massage from a person, we actually go to the furniture store and try out different massage chairs.”

Rosana adds: “We save a lot of money by doing spa days this way. It may cost $50-$70 (£35-£50) for a 30 minute massage and if you want a manicure it’s like $20 (£14) and you have to tip.”

As Rosana sits back and relaxes in a $10,000 (£7,200) massage chairs, sales assistants are left baffled as one of her daughters paints her nails while another massages her feet.

“If we go to a real spa it would cost us at least $100 (£70) per person,” she argues.

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