I'm very fat and very sexy – I don't care what people say about my body, I know I look good | The Sun

WHILE many of us will refrain from using the word ‘fat’ to describe someone, one woman doesn’t hold back from using the term. 

32-year-old Cassandra, who posts on TikTok under the username @just__sandra, has described herself as “fat and hot” and regularly shares self-love and body positive content to the social media app. 

The body confident mum has amassed an impressive 179.8k followers and 862.8k likes on the video sharing platform, where she posts videos showing off her plus-size body, to encourage other women to love themselves, regardless of their shape or size.

In one clip, which Cassandra shared with the hashtag ‘fatandhot’, she mimed along to a popular TikTok audio, that said: “How you gonna be mad at me, because I’m fat and fire?

“This is my mother f***ing body. Do you hear me?” 

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 11.9k views, 1,873 likes, 68 comments and 16 shares.

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TikTok users were very complimentary of Cassasndra and admired her confidence. 

One person said: “You’re beautiful. Stunning.”


A third commented: “Love this 😁🥰”

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Whilst someone else noted: “Girl send me some of your amazing confidence! 😁” 

In another clip, Cassandra also noted: “Just a reminder, that I am very fat, and very sexy.

“Hear me out, I am fat and hot.

“Fat and beautiful.” 

However, Cassanda was met with an array of nasty comments on her videos, from trolls slamming her body.

One user claimed: “She’s loving that diabetes life.” 

A second posted: “You’re promoting obesity by loving yourself.” 

A third chimed in: “Being big isn’t attractive or feminine.”

Whilst another user commented: “You have time for that makeup but no time to eat right and exercise?” 

In one clip, Cassandra addressed a nasty comment that she received, which read: “You are too pretty to be that big.”

Cassandra replied and explained: “I’ve gotten negative comments on here before and believe it or not, the ‘I wish I had your confidence’ and ‘how did you get so confident?’ – they are not compliments, they are not being supportive in any way shape or form.

“Work your way of thinking around that, nobody wants to hear it.

“But this is absolutely astounding to me.

“Because I’m ‘this’ big, you think I should be ugly? Or because I’m so pretty, you think I should transform myself into your societal standard of beauty, because it’s comfortable for you to look at someone this pretty but this fat.

“Fat is not a negative thing for me. It’s ok.

“This is simply my opinion based off of my experiences. 

“Everyone deserves to love themselves and I hope you all do.”

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