Inside Paris Fury's £550k Morecambe house – including SIX bathrooms, golden thrones and a £50k walk-in shoe closet

WHEN the Furys aren't cheering Tyson on from the side of the boxing ring in Las Vegas, their luxe Morecambe pad is where the family-of-8 spend most of their down-time.

And with its lavish Versace decor, golden thrones and Paris' epic walk-in wardrobe, we can understand why they'd never want to leave.

In tomorrow's issue of Fabulous magazine, mum-of-six Paris gives us an exclusive look inside the family home – including how she keeps everything pristine.

Paris said: "I like to look after my home. I like to look after my kids. This is what I wanted in life. I don’t have a full-time cleaner, a cook or a nanny.

"Though, I have finally accepted that I need someone to come once a week to clean my bathrooms, because there are six of them. I make the kids help out, too – both the boys and the girls!

"Prince is a dab hand with the hoover and Tyson’s always been a bit of a clean freak. He folds all his clothes and puts them away and if I drop mine on the floor, I can see his nerves start to twitch."


What's more, the couple's home is a showcase to Tyson and his many sporting achievements.

Hanging above the sofa in one of their living rooms is a black and white portrait capturing one of his many fights.

And in the kitchen hangs an oil painting of the ‘gypsy king’ post match, and there is even a glass showcase cabinet for all of Tyson’s champion belts.

Meanwhile, a huge gold framed Versace mirror hangs in the hallway and the windows of the home are adorned with gold silk curtains. 

The dining room has a luxe feel with velvet dining chairs, a sleek black table and French doors leading out to the expansive garden.

However, the family also has a "good" dining room which is reserved for special occasions like Christmas – where the Furys will eat their lunch on thrones.

That said, the walk-in wardrobe is (unsurprisingly) Paris' favourite part of the house.

She continued: "Having this walk-in wardrobe was a big dream of mine. I got it and I do appreciate it.

"I just look at people who are negative – that’s their flaw.

"I really do believe that. I don’t listen to them – they don’t matter.” 

Paris estimates that their designer shoe collection set her back roughly £50,000 while she also proudly has six different-coloured quilted Chanel bags on display.

The upstairs landing of the Fury home is lined with plush carpet which perfectly offsets the ornate gold-and-white wallpaper.

In the hallway and kitchen, Paris has opted for marble floors which let her lavish interiors do all the talking.

Read the full interview in tomorrow's issue of Fabulous magazine.

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