Isabella Rossellini's Model Son Is Into "Strange" Fashion, But Not the Ugly Sneaker Trend

At Monday night's celebrity-studded CFDA Awards, it seemed as though one table was having more fun than any other: the cool kids who had come out to celebrate Sies Marjan's Sander Lak's nomination for the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent (which by the end of the night he would be taking home). The table was populated by Bria Vinaite, Laura Harrier, Lineisy Montero, Julia Garner, Børns, and Roberto Rossellini, who wore a completely reflective suit from the brand's Fall 2018 collection, which the model himself originally wore on the runway. "It was my favorite outfit I have worn, and saw Sander create, so I had to wear it again," Rossellini said. "It’s a really amazing outfit." Of course, when your mother is Isabella Rossellini (the two even previously starred in a Sies Marjan campaign together), then style is innate. Here, the model talks about his latest fashion purchases and why he doesn't have a style icon.

How did you first meet Sander?
We first met at his first campaign shoot on Long Island in East Hampton. I feel like it was just a natural click.

What do you like about Sies Marjan designs?
I love everything about Sies. The colors are always bright and Sies really does a great job bringing them out. I also love the designs and style. It feels very relaxed but you can wear it anywhere. It’s comfortable and looks great.

What was it like starring in the fall campaign?
It was a magical experience. It felt almost like we were all a family. It was comforting.

How would you describe your day-to-day style?
I would describe it to be dark, elegant, but fun. I like wearing strange-looking pieces but with minimal color. Sometimes I’ll go all out and just wear crazy colors.

What is your go-to summer wardrobe?
A pair of jeans, any color. Usually white or black, some Air Max 97's, and a T-shirt and a hoodie or bomber jacket.

Bria Vinaite at the CFDA Awards in Brooklyn on June 4, 2018. Photo by Roberto Rossellini.

What was the last fashion item you purchased?
The last item I purchased was a pair of Y-3 track pants. They’re pretty dope.

Who do you think has great style and why?
I don’t really pay attention enough to be honest. I love a lot of people’s styles but that’s also why I think it’s their style. I can’t specify one person.

Has your mother ever given you any fashion tips or advice?
Not too much, aside from being myself. She usually tells me she likes my style and what I’m wearing.

Where are your favorite places to shop and why?
My favorite places to shop would be secondhand stores/consignment shops. I feel like I’ll always find one or two cool things there. I recently started my own brand, so I think in the future I’ll be wearing that a lot.

Are there any fashion pieces you are hoping to buy this summer?
I really want a few new pairs of Evisu jeans. They’re probably my favorite denim next to PRPS.

What is one fashion trend or trope that you don't understand?
I don’t really get the oversize shoe thing.

What is your daily grooming routine?
Wake up, shower, shave if I need to. Use some face wash and brush my teeth. That’s basically it.

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