Ivanka Trump Wears $13,000 Dress To Father’s First State Dinner & Twitter Tells Her To Get Real

Pretty in pink or totally out of touch? Ivanka Trump wore an expensive designer dress to a dinner with the French President, and some Americans were NOT happy about her fashion choice.

Ivanka Trump, 36,wore a pink ruffled Rodarte dress for her father’s first State Dinner in Washington, D.C. on April 25. The ruffled, floor length creation was actually worn by actress Kirsten Dunst at the Venice Film Festival back in September 2017. But maybe the dress is better suited for an International red carpet event. The dress costs $12,888! Some critics spoke out on Twitter against Ivanka’s daring and expensive look. See more pics in the gallery attached.

Liz Baker @Ez_bake_ wrote, “This dress costs more than my car is worth and looks like something my 6 year old niece would pick out for 20$ at Target.” @AlanMCole wrote, “IMO that dress is absolutely not worth $12000. Am I actually right about this or am I just a Basic straight guy with dumb opinions?” Alexandra @alexandrabynn commented, “I love the dress, but it could be done for a few hundred. Shame.”

One heartbreaking comment came from Life Science teacher Anne Bryant @sci_teacher117: “When you have money I know you can spend money. It’s just shocking one dress is 28% of my yearly teacher salary.”

See the dress below:

Ivanka paired the dress with black pumps and a bold red lip. Her skin was glowing and her blonde hair was pulled back into an elegant updo. At the dinner, First Lady Melania Trump wore a Chanel Haute Couture silver sequin dress with sheer neckline. France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron wore Louis Vuitton, as she has throughout her visit to the United States.

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