I've added a POOL to my suburban semi – people say it's like adding alloys to a wheelie bin, I love it | The Sun

A MUM who added a pool to her back garden has told how it’s been compared to ‘alloys on a wheelie bin.’

Lizzy Williams, 36, who lives in Hertfordshire never expected to go viral when she shared her 3x4m pool on her Instagram account @renovationhq.

But 2.2million views later every morning the mum is met with hundreds of comments about the suburban semi’s unique asset – both good and bad.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Lizzy,  who lives with husband Phil, 42, and their 18-month-old son, says: “I never expected the attention that I got.

“The majority of the comments we receive are positive but as with everything that goes viral, negativity does slip through the net.

“People are always quick to comment on the size.

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“‘That’s not a pool, it’s a pond’ some will comment while others will write, ‘I see no pool, only a puddle.’

“I think my personal favourite was when someone compared our pool to putting alloys on a wheelie bin.

“Someone told me they’d just about manage one breaststroke in it – but we’ve got a swim jet so it’s fantastic for exercising as you can up the flow rate.

“The comments never bother me, everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Lizzy, who works in marketing, and Phil purchased their house in a probate sale five years ago.

With the previous owner suffering from dementia, the house was in a serious state of disrepair and a pool certainly wasn’t on the to-do list for the couple.

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“The house was in a real pickle,” Lizzy says.

“There was an enormous amount of work to be done. It hadn’t been touched in years.

“The ceiling had fallen through and we couldn’t see the garden that had been overgrown for the past 25 years.”

Lizzy and Phil aimed to do all of the house renovations themselves using their £40k savings and remortgaging the house for an extra £50k boost.

And as they tackled the garden they came across an unexpected surprise.

Lizzy says: “The garden was always the number one thing on our list and as we started clearing it we discovered the circular swimming pool.

The comments never bother me, everyone is entitled to their opinion

“Before we came across it I would have never considered having a pool in our suburban semi but it just seemed like too good of an opportunity to miss.

“Rather than filling it in we decided to renovate it.”

Relying mostly on Phil’s plumbing skills the couple set about transforming the crumbling pit into a insta-worthy plunge pool.

The total cost came to £35,000 of their total £130k renovation costs on the house,  including a £15k safety cover, a pool house at £5k and a £6k fibreglass lining.

But while the initial costs may have been steep, Lizzy says that the pool is relatively cheap to run.

“The fact that it is small definitely makes the upkeep much easier and the running costs less,” Lizzy says.

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“The cover is also excellent at keeping the heat in.

“Last year while we had the heater running the cost was around £20 a week however I anticipate that will go up this year of course.”

Lizzy says that one of the most surprising things about the pool is the amount of people who have decided to follow in her footsteps.

“I think that as the climate is changing more people are becoming open to it,” Lizzy says.

“The number of people who have messaged me saying that they would consider adding a pool themselves is extraordinary.

“Our neighbours certainly have no complaints – they love popping by for a quick dip. And several are considering getting their own.

“Someone said the other day ‘commoners can have fun too’ and there’s some truth in that.

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“Pools are always considered to be reserved for the more elite or higher class and yet we have one in our suburban semi!

“I’m so glad we made the decision to build the pool, my little boy loves it – and with this summer set to be a scorcher, negative comments won’t bother me.”

Follow Lizzy’s renovation journey on her Instagram account @renovationhq.

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