I’ve got the perfect hack for transforming cheap baubles – it's so simple and they will look amazing

CHRISTMAS is an expensive time for many, with food to put on the table and decorations to cover the home.

If you are fed up with buying expensive baubles every year, for them to just get ruined or broken, we have a clever hack for you.

If you have resorted to buying cheap baubles but you aren’t impressed with how they look, one TikTok user has shared her simple hack that can instantly transform baubles. 

For cleaning and home hacks, TikTok user Tanya is a go to and her latest hack has left many people impressed. 

Tanya has a whopping 2.8million likes and 356.5k followers on TikTok and shared her clever hack to her TikTok account ‘tanyahomeinspo’.

In Tanya’s video, we see her cutting the top off of a balloon and using the balloon as a cover, to completely change the appearance of her baubles.

The balloon Tanya uses is a gorgeous blue colour and instantly transforms her silver baubles. 

This hack is pretty impressive – you would never know that the baubles were originally silver. 

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She said: “Nobody’s gonna know.

“How will they know?” 

The video has only been live on TikTok for two days but has already racked up a whopping 3.4million views.

It has 254.5k likes, 1,194 comments and 11.8k shares. 

Many TikTok users were impressed with the clever hack and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “Ohhh the ability to change the color of the ornament without having to buy new ornaments!!!!!”

Another added: “Fantastic idea if you want to change your colour scheme every year.” 

A third commented: “This is pure genius.” 

Many TikTok users were also quick to comment on the fact that this hack is perfect for saving money at Christmas. 

One user commented: “You've just saved me a small fortune for next year's decoration.” 

Another said: “Thank you for the tips, it’s money saving.” 

A third added: “Perfect. This will save so much money.”


And not only is this hack great for saving money, it’s also brilliant if you have children or pets that might damage your baubles.

One person said: “This is genius for kids too, if the bulbs break the pieces are in the balloon.” 

Another commented: “Bonus when they fall and break, it's already in an easy to dispose bag.. #cats.” 

A third added: “That's pretty cool. Plus if you have kids or cats, that tip will help if they fall onto the floor.” 

One TikTok user questioned: “Ain’t time for that. Buy some they are cheap as chips.” to which Tanya responded: “Recycling products is better for the environment.”

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