I’ve got tiny boobs and people always say the same annoying things – men even joke their cleavage is bigger than mine

SHE'S got a cleavage that's perfect for wearing revealing dresses without worrying about her boobs falling out.

But having small breasts means that Madeline Hulton faces the same annoying comments on an almost daily basis – and from the same kind of people.

Older women are more likely to remind Madeline that "at least they won't get saggy!", while gym-going men comment that their cleavage is bigger than hers.

Women with bigger busts always say to Madeline that they "wish" theirs "were small", while younger men tell her that she "looks like a boy".

Adding to her TikTok video, she said that other comments she regularly hears are: "They might still grow in" and "You're lucky you won't get back pain".

People in the comments section were quick to praise Madeline for sharing the POV video.

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"'They're still growing' I'm 19 lady, they've been this size since I was in 7th grade," one person wrote.

"Thought it was just me," another added.

"Same here girl," a third wrote.

And others admitted they were guilty of making the comments Madeline groaned about in her video.

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"The fact that the first thing i said was i wish mine were like that-embarrassing," one woman wrote.

"I just imagine being able to wear cute small tops and dresses," another added.

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"People always want what they don’t have," a third wrote.

As someone else wrote: "As a big biddy owner, I wish they were smaller because I genuinely can’t wear a dress without it looking bad."

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