I’ve just realised I’ve been using a shoe rack wrong all my life… I can’t be the only person who didn’t realise | The Sun

SOME things are meant to be pretty so self explanatory that no one really talks about them.

But that means if you're doing something wrong you have no idea, at least until you finally see someone else do it and your whole world gets changed.

One savvy mum recently showed how she keeps her family's footwear on the shoe rack and it got people talking.

Joanne, who posted the clip on TikTok originally shared a video of her cleaning her house, which included a section of her sorting out the messy rack.

The shoe rack had two tiers, but the mum didn't put the shoes flat on each shelf like a lot of people expected her to.

Instead, she popped each pair of shoes in the gaps between the bars upright, which completely stunned some viewers.

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Joanne's trick meant that she could fit triple the amount of shoes on the rack, making it much more useful for busy families – or single shoe addicts.

One person was so shocked by the revelation, they wrote: "Surely I'm not the only person who's never thought of putting shoes that way on the rack?"

She was right, there were loads of other people who were amazed by the so-called hack.

Someone else quipped: "Wait what, I just threw this rack away because it didn't hold enough shoes."

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Others were using the rack all wrong too, one said: "I had this rack but used it incorrectly, chucked because I hated it but contemplating getting it again."

Some people were baffled that they didn't know how shoes were meant to go on the shoe rack.

One asked: "Are some of you serious? You never put your shoes in like that?"

While someone else laughed: "That's not a hack, that's how you're supposed to put the shoes on lol."

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