I’ve saved £10k thanks to savvy shopping and my tips have slashed my food bills too

A MUM-OF-TWO has revealed how she has managed to save a massive £10k over the past two years thanks to only buying yellow sticker items.

Jamie Tait, 44, has managed to save a whopping 50% on her weekly shopping for her family of four, by buying ‘going out of date’ reduced food.

The hairdresser from Aberdeen, Scotland was shocked to see her weekly shops were costing the family around £170 – £200, with a lot of the food being chucked in the bin at the end of the week.

Jamie and her 50-year-old husband Alan, a telecommunications technician, put in the effort to lower their weekly food budget.

Shops now cost as little as £70 a week, with Jamie able to feed her husband, and children, Bradley, nine and Naomi, six, for as little as £10 a day.

Jamie said: “I have two jobs, and I’m self-employed in both areas.

“When the pandemic hit, my husband and I both took a huge dent in our wages, but we were shocked at how much we were haemorrhaging through money.

“Our weekly shopping would be £175 or more, and we found ourselves doing several shops each week so the cost could sometimes be a lot higher.

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•£90 Sainsburys online (meats, cheese, yoghurts, items for packed lunches, frozen junk, fruit, vegetables – all full priced)

•2 top up shops at £25 each (Items we threw away because they were out of date

•1 or 2 take aways: £50 each (Deliveroo or UberEATS – different items for each family member)

TOTAL: £190

“I started shopping for just yellow sticker items and bought a freezer off of Facebook Marketplace so I could store meats and baked goods and any other food I could find.

“Throughout the pandemic, our spending was so little, that I was saving £100 a week by not spending it on food.

“Once restrictions were lifted, I did end up going a bit mad with spending again but have since reverted to yellow sticker shops again.

“The difference in spending is crazy!”

“Fresh fruit and vegetables last for ages as well; people are always so quick to throw things out by their ‘use by date.'

Jamie now stocks up on discounted bakery items, fish, and chicken, and fruits and vegetables, shopping around various supermarkets for the cheapest deals.

She said: “Every time I buy a loaf of bread now, it costs 10p or less, I can’t bring myself to buy full price loaves anymore, especially when you can freeze the reduced ones.

“I get a lot of my fruit items from the Co-Op, I can get blueberries, parsnips, raspberries and asparagus for £1.93 in total, reduced from £7.15.

“Fresh fruit and vegetables last for ages as well; people are always so quick to throw things out by their ‘use by date’ but I actually had some fruit on my porridge that is over a week old, and it tasted perfectly fine.

“I’m a bit of a food snob, so I do like to get the best quality produce and try to avoid junk food.

“I get a lot of my discounted items from M&S, like steak link sausages for £1.20 down from £3 or fillet steaks for £1.90 down from £4.78.

“Just after New Years Day in 2021, I actually stocked up a whole freezer of reduced items for about £50.”

The mum of two makes sure the family don’t miss out on sweet treats and bags bargains of like fresh doughnuts for 50p and hot cross buns for 10p.

Alongside her frugal yellow sticker shopping, Jamie has also cut back on takeaways and eating out.

Jamie added: “I’ve found that it is so much easier to buy reduced filling and loaves of bread than it is to get a meal deal sandwich.

“I’ve found that since I started yellow sticker shopping, we’ve all eaten much healthier, and I’ve even managed to lose 7lbs.

“Yellow sticker shopping has completely eliminated us constantly buying junk food, as we focus on healthier produce to cook big meals with instead, especially when it comes to batch cooking meals to eat the day after.

“It’s my goal this year to finally have our house renovated with much needed upgrades, something I wouldn’t have been able to do if our shopping spend was still through the roof.”



M&S food hall

Whole organic chicken £5.54 (was £10.86)

A fillet steak £1.90 (£4.76)

Raw king prawns £1.15 (£3.50)

2 gammon steaks £1.96 (£4.25)

6 organic large eggs 56p (£2.00)


6 Be good to yourself Hot cross buns 10p (1.00)

2 smoked basa fillets £1.69 (2.50)

Kings mill 50/50 large loaf 10p (£1.00)

Kings mill no crust whole meal loaf 10p (£1.50)

12 organic free range eggs £2.35 (3.50)

Curry leaves 10p (£1.20)

Warbutons farmhouse 10p (1.05)


Blueberries 60p (£2.00)

Asparagus 60p (£2.15)

Parsnips 15p (1.00)

Raspberries 58p (2.00)


4 leeks 10p

Maris pipers 10p

Not sure the starting price but I made a big batch of soup for 20p

TOTAL: £70-£80

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