Jared Leto Transformed Into A Literal Jesus Christ Superstar For Met Gala

At least you can say Jared Leto was on theme. With the Met Gala celebrating ‘Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,’ he decided to dress up as the Christian savior, while having Lana del Rey as his date!

Hallelujah…? Some might call it retro – by about 2000 years – others might call it sacrilegious, but Jared Leto’s outfit for the 2018 Met Gala in New York City was certainly on point. The Oscar award-winning actor has never shied away from pushing people’s buttons (just ask his Suicide Squad co-stars) and with a theme based around the Catholic Church, it’s easy to see why he could have thought, “why not dress up as Jesus Christ?” After all, for this event, there wouldn’t be a bigger star than the Christian savior, right? Plus, who would be so bold as to put Jesus Christ (aka Jared) on the “Worst Dressed List?”

Plus, Lana del Ray, 32, was there, looking like she stepped off a prayer candle. Nice — and also, on theme. To be fair, while Jared’s look is the living definition of “extra,” at least it wasn’t just another black tuxedo. The golden crown, the periwinkle blue suit, the pink shirt and bow made it look as if Jared was a walking, breathing fresco paining. Perhaps Jared was aiming for some Sistine Chapel realness? Does that mean his designer is Michelangelo? Or is he wearing something from the Raphael collection? It’s probably Gucci (yep. It was Gucci.)

Speaking of which, Jared was rocking Gucci when he walked the red carpet at the 2016 Met Gala, per Just Jared. The all off-white outfit with black shoes and cane was just a bowler hat away from being straight out of A Clockwork Orange, which might have been the reference he was going for. With the theme of Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, Jared might have been trying to go literary when it came to idea of “man versus machine.” Either way, both his 2016 and 2018 outfits were statement pieces.

Though, for those who might object to Jared dressing as Jesus, wait until they get a load of Rihanna. The co-chair of the 2018 event came dressed as a Sexy Pope. While the outfit she wore was far more exquisite than what those two words can describe, it’s – for all intents and purposes – a gorgeous “sexy Pope” outfit. So, perhaps a “Hallelujah” is indeed in order?

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