Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Go-To Positive Affirmation and Reveals Her Favorite Dance Move in Coach Campaign

Jennifer Lopez and Michael B. Jordan's latest Coach campaign sees the global brand ambassadors sharing their unique perspectives about culture, community and creativity.

On Friday, the label announced the launch of "Coach Conversations," a monthly YouTube series entitled featuring members of the Coach family engaging in authentic discussions — and Lopez and Jordan kick things off in episode one.

During a clip from the debut episode entitled "What's Your Calling?" shared exclusively with PEOPLE, the Hustlers actress answers rapid-fire questions with award-winning storyteller and podcaster Jay Shetty.

Lopez shares her favorite affirmation — "I am open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance that the universe has to offer" — and reveals her favorite dance move…or the one she's most famous for, at least.

"I don't have a favorite dance move. I think the thing that I'm probably known for is the booty shake," the "Medicine" singer quips.

Shetty also asks Lopez when she laughs the most, to which the multi-hyphenate star sweetly replies: "When I'm with my mother. She literally makes me laugh out loud."

Later on in the episode, "On the Floor" singer and Shetty tackle themes including "finding your purpose, the difference between a "calling" and a "career," and why striving for your best makes all the difference," according to a Coach press release.

"There is so much pressure around finding your purpose, and I do think you have to listen to yourself, and the words you tell yourself," Lopez explained in the release. "What you say becomes your reality. When something really speaks to you—a mission, a calling, a purpose—you need to trust that you're the right person to manifest that."

The second episode of "Coach Conversations" starring Jordan launches in February during Black History Month, and the rest of the series will roll out each month to coincide with events like International Women's Day, Earth Day and Pride.

"Coach Conversations is about building a two-way dialogue," Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers said in the release. "It features authentic and inspiring conversations with our Coach Family and friends, and it celebrates something I've always believed about fashion: that it should be about community." 

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