Kanye West's kids may feel 'replaced' and grow up with 'commitment issues' after his quickie marriage, expert reveals | The Sun

KANYE West's reported speedy secret marriage could leave his kids feeling "unimportant" and "replaced," one expert has warned.

Parenting consultant Kirsty Ketley explained that the resulting self-esteem issues could even contribute to long-term commitment issues and trouble forming stable relationships.

On Friday, TMZ reported that the 45-year-old rapper privately tied the knot with Yeezy designer Bianca Censori in a secret ceremony.

Though no marriage certificate has been filed, the couple was spotted wearing what appeared to be wedding bands while having lunch in Beverly Hills last week.

News of the shocking nuptials hit just two months after Kanye finalized his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian, who officially filed for the split in February 2021.

While it's unknown how long Kanye and Bianca have been together, it's presumably only been a matter of months or even weeks.

Kanye was photographed going on dates and making out with model Juliana Nalú as recently as late October.

It's also unclear whether Kanye's four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian — North, nine; Saint, seven; Chicago, five; and Psalm, three — have met Bianca or spent any meaningful time with her.

Speaking to The U.S. Sun, Ketley explained that not having enough time to get used to the relationship could leave the kids feeling "replaced."

She said this may also damage their self-esteem, and they could grow up with some long-term commitment issues in their own relationships.

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"Parents are children's first role models," Ketley said.

"So how they behave in and manage their relationships will influence how their children go on to form and manage relationships when they are older.

"Long-term, the kids may be unable to form stable relationships, which studies have found is the case when parents have multiple partners or marry several times.

"Kids are thought to be less likely to pursue marriage themselves and be more likely to have commitment issues."

More immediately, North and her siblings may feel like they're "unimportant" to their father.

"While the kids may have accepted Kanye and Kim getting divorced, co-parenting has been somewhat of a strain at times, with Kim seemingly doing the majority of the care," Ketley said.

Though Kanye hasn't shared any details about his relationship, the condensed time frame makes it "entirely possible that his kids have never met Bianca or know anything about her at all."

"This could make the children feel like they don’t matter," Ketley added.

She also pointed out that there is "no indication that Kayne spoke with his kids about the marriage prior to it happening" — so for them, "this might have come as a bit of a shock."

"It is important that when parents are separated, any new partner is gradually introduced to the kids, on the kids’ terms and at their pace, so that they can build up a relationship and trust," Ketley explained.

"Kanye and Kim’s kids always come across as confident, but they may find it difficult to come to terms with their dad moving on and marrying someone else so quickly.

"Blindsiding the kids with big news that affects them and their relationship with their dad is not a great way to introduce the idea of having a new stepmom.

"Moving on from a parent being in a new relationship to them then getting married is a big adjustment.

"No matter how much the kids may or may not like Bianca, they should have been given notice of their dad's intentions to get married and had their thoughts and feelings taken into account.

"They could have potentially then had the opportunity to be a part of the proposal.

"Letting the kids have some time to digest the news gives them time to ask any questions that they may have and to feel included and important.

"Younger children might not fully understand, but it is
still important so that they feel valued.

"Leaving the kids out of what is such a big life change can have left the kids feeling like they are unimportant.

"Often when parents remarry, kids can worry about the change in family dynamics.

"So Kanye’s kids may feel that their dad won’t have as much time for them or want to spend as much time with them."

That may make them "feel that they are being replaced, and that can take a serious toll on a child’s self-esteem and view of relationships long-term."

Kanye may have sat down to chat with his kids about his new bride, but given that he doesn't live with them, Ketley says it's possible that they found out about the marriage through the media — or their mother had to tell them.

"Both of which are not okay," she said.

"While Kim should have had a heads up that it was going to happen, it is not her place to tell the kids their dad's news — unless done together, and again this would have left the kids feeling that their dad doesn’t care about them.

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"Short-term, the kids may not want to see their dad while they make sense of their feelings.

"And if they do, they may not want to spend time with Bianca, which could lead to problems for Kanye if he then has to choose between spending time with his kids or his new wife.

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