Kate is ‘ready to shine in the spotlight’ like late Queen

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When Kate first entered the Royal Family in 2011, she wore heavy eye make-up and had a penchant for short, feminine dresses. Over the years, this has gradually changed to a more natural beauty look, longer skirts, and smart trousers with fitted blazers. Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Miranda Holder shared her thoughts with Express.co.uk about Kate’s style evolution.

To Miranda, it is clear that Kate’s style has changed since becoming Princess of Wales.

She said: “Kate has been preparing for her role as Princess of Wales for the last decade.

“We witnessed a style transformation when she became the Duchess of Cambridge, as Kate blossomed from the relatable girl next door whom every young woman wanted to be and whose style they could certainly emulate, to the more refined Kate.

“The latter was the Kate of immaculate tailoring, floaty feminine tea dresses, and jaw dropping designer gowns with the perfect sprinkling of vintage and preloved, whom we are all familiar with today.”

Miranda claimed that Kate’s wardrobe has already started to change since becoming Princess of Wales, but it is likely there will be more changes in the future.

She continued: “It’s only natural that Kate’s style will take on a new level now that she has a new string of titles after her name, if only to keep up with her flourishing royal career.

“Kate will still be recognisable in her bold colours and A-line silhouette – her elegant, classic style has always suited her perfectly and will remain constant, but we are likely to see more soft power dressing as her status has now changed.”

The fashion expert compared Kate’s past and present style to two other royals: Princess Diana and the Queen.

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She said: “There are many references to the late Princess Diana when it comes to Kate’s style, but we can also draw comparisons to the Queen.

“Kate has adopted the impactful monochromatic look, understands the diplomatic prowess of strategically worn royal jewellery, and is arguably the biggest fashion influencer on the planet.”

Going on to speak about the changes royal fans are likely to see from Kate’s outfit, Miranda continued: “The changes in Kate’s wardrobe will be subtle but definable.

“We can expect to see an upgrade in the pieces of jewellery she wears, and will be associated with even more heavyweight pieces from the collection.”

An example of a change the public has already seen in Kate’s wardrobe is the fact that she has been more experimental with her shoes in recent weeks.

Miranda said: “Her subtle shift away from her signature nude court shoes towards a more fashion forward style also indicates Kate’s confidence in her new role, and that she is ready to shine in the spotlight.”

In one of her most recent appearances, Kate wore a pair of black suede heels, but there wasn’t any bare skin in sight – the Princess had combined the shoes with a pair of black sheer tights.

Heels and tights don’t always go well together, but they looked good on Kate. Her outfit also included a blue and black Chanel jacket and a pair of smart, black trousers.

As Princess of Wales, Kate hasn’t been afraid to wear the same clothes as in the past – recycling outfits demonstrates that she is environmentally conscious and aware of financial issues.

She is also a fan of wearing vintage pieces, such as the Chanel jacket last month. The cobalt blue blazer, which she donned for a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, was a vintage item dating back to 1995.

Other examples of Kate wearing vintage include a red Yves Saint Laurent jacket, which she wore in Belize earlier this year. She had had the piece since her university days at St Andrews.

During her and William’s Caribbean tour, other vintage pieces also made an appearance, such as a striped turquoise and coral dress from the 1950s, sourced from Willow Hilson Vintage, and a 1960s orange beaded handbag by Wayne Taylor. 

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