Kerry King reveals the biggest turn-ons for each star sign… and where they like to be touched most

Your lover will be eating out of your hand if that turns you on (we’re looking at you, Gemini). Read on, love-hunters…


Aries is a fire sign which loves the colour red

Physical turn ons:
Aries have very sensitive faces, so feathery kisses and light caresses of their cheeks, forehead, neck and scalp will have this (usually bossy and domineering) character rolling on its back and showing you its tummy (figuratively).

They also like the colour red. Wear it to draw their eye.

Mental turn ons:
Letting them win (but not so as they’d guess you’d done that). Aries are stupidly competitive and see life as a series of gladiatorial trials featuring them as Russell Crowe.

Pick a “thing”, something you’re good at, boast about it, then compete and only just lose (I know this is ridiculous).

It’ll be worth it to see the biggest grin, and receive the warmest hug, ever.


An earth sign, Taureans are most turned on by food and sleep

Physical turns ons:
Taureans are actually most turned on by food and sleep, which doesn’t necessarily equate to “sexy time” but, heck, if you can incorporate them do.

They are also very responsive to their throat, neck and ear lobes being stroked, kissed and massaged.

Mental turn ons:
The realms of imagination or intellect are far superseded by Taureans’ love of sensorial pleasure and luxury.

Take them somewhere special and splash out on fine dining, spa time and relaxation in beautiful landscapes and cosy firesides.


For Gemini, an air sign, variety is the spice of life

Physical turns ons:
Geminis love expressing themselves with their arms and hands, flinging them this way and that as they make up some more B.S and over exaggerate like a pro.

Their arms and hands tell so many stories, they’re almost like a second mouth… and, as such, are extremely highly tuned to touch! Hand massages might actually be the only way to shut a Gemini up!

Mental turn ons:
Variety is the name of the game for keeping a Gemini’s eyes on you and you alone. Mix it up each time you encounter them.

Their mental engagement with you is actually more important than their physical attraction. Their brain, not their body, decides what’s sexy. Be bright, witty, flexible and challenging.


Water sign Cancer is demanding when it comes to attention

Physical turn ons:
Cancerians are very sensitive around their chest/breast area so linger longer here with kisses and caresses.

They also have a big thing about water. Showery foreplay, bath bonks and oceanic orgasms are all highly welcome.

Keep an eye out for the full moon too; they go a little *funny* around this time.

Mental turn ons:
Your undying, absolute, overt, public loyalty and sympathy. Cancerians are kind of demanding when it comes to attention and commitment though you get it back, tenfold.

They’re not really down for “casual”, even if they say they are (they’re fibbing, and you’ll get your fingers burnt later…)

Big gestures, surprises, presents and treats are welcome. Oysters and champagne in the moonlight will have you firmly placed as number one.


Fire sign Leo is a sucker for a compliment

Physical turn ons:
Two places send Leos into a purring meltdown: their hair and spine. Stroking and fondling their hair gently, even brushing or styling it, will send them gaga.

A back massage isn’t to be sniffed at either, particularly when peppered with lingering slow tickles up and down their spine.

Mental turn ons:
Flattery. Leos are the zodiac’s suckers for compliments. They are so gung -ho on this that you may find yourself running out of pep talk.

Don’t panic, just applaud them. Seriously. That will do. They actually kind of expect applause wherever they go.


Earth sign Virgo is a squeaky clean character

Physical turn ons:
Virgos are squeaky clean characters, in all senses, and they are actually really turned on by making love with you when you’re both as squeaky clean as squeaky can be.

So, bathroom antics are definitely on the menu. They also appreciate gadgets so the toy box can also, literally, come into play.

Mental turn ons:
The devil’s in the detail, as all Virgos know, and if you can make a point of noticing something really small and personal about them or their life, and complimenting them on it, then you’ve got a fan for life.

Nothing is too insignificant, in fact the more specific the better. They’ll be impressed you see life in the same high-focus lens that they do, and flattered that you care.


Librans are sensitive around the small of their back

Physical turns ons:
Libra is sensitive around the small of their back and their buttocks, so head south and you’ll please them. Importantly, this star sign needs to feel calm and balanced in order to relax. Any noisy, smelly, chaotic, busy or frenetic environments will set their teeth on edge. Create a chilled out space.

Mental turn ons:
Two things really inspire Libra. Firstly, debate. They can argue their way out of anything (and then back in again because they love being devil’s advocate). Challenge them and spar with them verbally, they’ll respect you for it. Secondly, beautiful things. So, trips to museums, galleries, places of natural wonder really awaken their romantic nature.


A water sign, Scorpio is known for being interested in the darker elements of life

Physical turn ons:
This sounds obvious but Scorpios are really rather taken with their genitals.

I’m not kidding! It’s not rocket science, is it, but it does mean less is more, here. You can cut straight to the chase, so to speak, and they’ll be grateful .

Mental turn ons:
Scorpios are known for being mad, bad and dangerous to know, and they often do have a curious interest in the darker elements of life.

Offering to accompany them to a ghost vigil,  prison tour or warehouse zombie chase etc.

It will pique their interest that you could be a fellow kindred spirit in liking to look at what lies beneath.


A fire sign, Sagittarius  is responsive to touch

Physical turn ons:

The zodiac’s centaurs are very responsive to touch around their hips and thighs.

Pulling them close to you by the hips and stroking their thighs as you tell them the plans for later will go down very well. They also like having sex outdoors. Why? Beats me.

Mental turn ons:
Sagittarius is the most freedom-loving, free-wheeling, wind in their hair star sign going.

Any attempt to tether, boss, limit, control or constrain them in any way will result in a storm.

So, give your Sagittarian playmate acres of space and freedom and they’ll keep coming back for more, I promise.


Capricorns are earth signs… and their knees are their sexiest spot

Physical turn ons:
Aside from their knees (which perhaps doesn’t come across as the easiest erogenous zone to get at), Capricorns are highly sensitive around their lower back, buttocks and thighs. Holding and caressing these areas as you stroll around will have their (usually serious) eyes widen with pleasure.

Mental turn ons:
Shopping. Now, I don’t mean traipsing round Primark buying unicorn glow palettes, mugs and playsuits (fun though that is) but more high-end browsing. Designer stores, art galleries, car show rooms, even estate agent windows.

Places which let you glimpse into the material world that the rich and famous get to enjoy.

Capricorns are mega turned on by status. So, if you’re not rich and famous yourself, use window shopping to fantasise with them about that world.


Air sign Aquarius, is sensitive around their calves and ankles

Physical turns ons:
Aquarians’ nerves are extremely sensitive around their calves and ankles, so get those space boots off them and run your fingers up, down and all around their lower legs. It’s bliss for them.

Aquarians also like adventure, travel and outdoors activity, so buddying on some high-octane expeditions and outdoorsy pursuits will get them to look at you as a physical partner (*ahem*).

Mental turn ons:
The zodiac’s geeks! Aquarians love science, engineering, inventions, innovation, how things work, the solar system, the big bang…

The question ‘Why?’ is hardwired into their questioning, lively mind. So, be their fellow geek. Let your own curiosity about the world off the leash, and Aquarius will accompany you to find answers and love you for it.


Water sign Pisces, unsurprisingly, finds water sexy

Physical turn ons:
Like all water signs, they lovewater fun, so get them near the sea, a lake, a spa, even the bathroom, and they’ll start trilling with excitement.

But the main humdinger for Pisceans is their feet…. And is a foot massage that demanding of you? They’ll be Piscean putty in your hands afterwards.

Mental turn ons:
Forging deep, unique connections with people is Pisces catnip.

So, use them as your own therapist and they’ll a) love you for it, b) probably help you work through some stuff you never thought you’d process.

They can be trusted, they keep many secrets, and to feel truly close to you they need to know you’ve confided in them, and them alone about something significant.

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