Kim Kardashian acts like a 'helpless toddler' in show's new season & 2 sisters are 'beautiful extras,' says expert | The Sun

KIM Kardashian's dramatic response to her divorce from Kayne West is laid bare in The Kardashian's new season trailer and for the first time.

But a body language expert has claimed viewers can expect a "human fountain of tears" from the "wailing" reality star throughout the next season.

Ahead of the May 25 premiere, an emotion-filled trailer dropped for the much-anticipated Season 3 of The Kardashians.

During the clip montage, viewers were given a glimpse of what excitement and drama should be coming their way.

While the trailer showed various tantrums and turmoil, Kim Kardashian kicked off proceedings by bursting into tears.

In the clip, Kim discussed the impact of her well-publicized and lengthy divorce from rapper, Kanye West: "I don't even know where we left off. No, I'm not okay."

When Khloe went to comfort Kim, she wept: "I'm having such a hard day today."

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S Sun: “There’s a very strong pecking order defined in this drama-filled trailer for Season 3.

“Kim is clearly Queen Bee and the star of the show.

"Other members of the family seem to have roles ranging from supporters to attackers to walk-ons.

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“The trailer opens with Kim talking alone in front of the camera.

"This implies we will be seeing primarily what happens to her and we'll see all Kim’s adventures.

“She looks coy, with her eyes looking downward in a playful, almost flirty move to the camera.

“She then runs through a sample book of every shocking emotion, hairstyle, and catwalk appearance.

“We see Kim as a human fountain of tears before giving the side-eye to her angry-looking sister Kourtney.

“The two big numbers here are Kim’s wailing like a helpless toddler when she tells Khloe that she’s not OK.

“The body language is an overkill ritual that demands attention.

“Her back is arched and she throws her head right back.

"Kim bares her neck like a small child demanding a cuddle.

“She places her hands over her eyes as Khloe comes in to oblige, weeping over her shoulder in full dramatic, tragic mode.”

Originally, the world’s most famous reality clan starred for a decade in Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! Network.

After 20 seasons they transferred to Hulu, which launched The Kardashians in 2022.

Along the way, boyfriends, husbands, friends, and allies have come and gone like the wind.

All the while, the five sisters and momager Kris Jenner have muscled on and continued to build their lucrative money-spinning empire.

Aside from Kanye and Kim changing course and splitting, Kourtney has entered a new era alongside her beau, Travis Barker.

“There is an 'if looks could kill' moment in the next season between Kim, Kourtney, and Travis," explained Judi.

“There is no confirmation they are actually looking at each other or even together at the same venue.

"But the effect is clearly intended to preview some ongoing battle between Kim and the Barkers.

“Travis’s cold stare alone is way too good to have been wasted on details like that.

“Kourtney and Travis glare in what is hinted is Kim’s direction while she is shown apparently glaring back.

“Nothing is specific about this ongoing rift but we also see Kourtney sitting in chic black.

"She is wearing black gloves, saying with a precision gesture [that] it is who she is to her core.”

Through the coming episodes, Kardashian fans may have been wondering who else is a guaranteed show for the next season.

Key cast members include Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, as well as Kris, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner. Scott Disick, 38 is also confirmed return star.

Meanwhile, a health scare with Khloe looks set to bring baby daddy Tristan Thompson back into the family fold.

“In between Kim on the catwalk and emoting about her divorce, there is another story that appears to be poignant," added Judi.

“The trailer shows that Khloe’s melanoma looks shocking.

“Her attitude is shown as being brave and stoic.

“They say she has lost weight and we are shown the long scar on her face.

“But her main role seems to be supporting and nurturing Kim.

“Khloe's ‘romantic’ plotline involves Tristan wheeling a buggy back into her life.

"He grins like he thinks he’s the most popular guy in the series.

“Khloe looks unhappy and reluctant about this will-they-won’t-they plotline.

“Tristan’s happy-go-lucky grin suggests he’s going to be part of the family whether she likes it or not."

Our expert also notes the remaining Kardashian/Jenners look like hangers-on as they pander to Kim's changing moods.

“The other sisters and mom seem like satellites around Kim," added Judi.

“They discuss her or hug her, depending on her every need and emotion.

“Kylie and Kendall are just beautiful extras in this trailer and so will be so in the series.

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“Momager Kris sits and voices her worry.

"Her role in Season 3 also looks to be secondary.”

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