Lady Gaga’s Fiercest Fashion Moments: Stunning Dresses, Sky High Heels & More

‘A Star Is Born’ comes out today — but we’ve known Lady Gaga was a star for a long time! Take a look at the most fashionable moments of her career. She’s been blowing us away for years!

Lady Gaga, 32, and Bradley Cooper, 43, star in the anxiously awaited A Star is Born movie, but the “Bad Romance” singer was lighting up red carpets long before the film’s Oct. 5 premiere. When she first hit the music scene in 2008, Lady Gaga didn’t just make a statement with her songs — but with her outfits as well! Her wild, racy looks had everyone talking whether she was towering over people in dangerously high heels or wearing a dress made out of meat. Who could forget that one? Her outfits didn’t just draw attention on the red carpet, but practically anytime she stepped out in public. Say what you want about the singer turned actress, but she is dedicated to her fashion!

But while she still stuns, Gaga’s taste has changed drastically as she’s shifted her style towards more classic looks. Take her press tour for A Star is Born, for example. Every stop she made from the Venice International Film Festival to the Los Angeles premiere was a stunner, and we’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite outfit. She went from Old Hollywood in a flattering white dress and curls to Victorian in a gold gown with a puffed neck and sleeves — and she pulled both drastically different looks off flawlessly! And that was just the beginning. She delivered one incredible look after another with molten silver dresses, strapless velvet gowns and bright one-shoulder looks. Wow!

What would we do without this fashionista to keep things fresh and exciting every time she makes an appearance? No one else can keep fans on their toes like Gaga does.

And as if being fashionable AF wasn’t enough of a feat, Gaga’s movie debut is getting rave reviews. What can’t she do?

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