The leg pop, the lean and the hip hold… here’s what the stars’ red carpet power poses REALLY mean

Earlier this week, new Home Secretary Sajid Javid hit headlines as he adopted a wide stance "power pose" outside her new department.

However, he isn't the only one with a token move.

These celebs have favourite positions when it comes to hitting the red carpet.

But, what do their "power poses" say about them? Body language expert Judi James reveals all…

Leg Pop

As favoured by Angelina Jolie

By thrusting her leg out of the split in her skirt, Angelina lets us know that any sex appeal will only be displayed on her terms and that off the red carpet she wants to be known as a serious artiste.

The way the leg is thrust at such an extreme angle suggests she might also be a bolter, happy to walk out on jobs or relationships that don't meet her expectations.

The Lean

A Victoria Beckham favourite

This other-worldly gravity-defying torso lean is lifted from the pages of fashion magazine of the 1950s.

It defines VB's luxury-brand fashionista credentials and although there might be a desire to project a more sensual appeal with the pelvic thrust and the sultry eye-gaze, that dominant and straight left arm is in barrier mode, suggesting she's possibly feeling less aloof and confident that she'd like to project.

Hands behind back

Cheryl's go to move

This rather girlish pose suggests pseudo-infantile re-motivational responses, i.e. trying to look cute to avoid criticism or attack.

But the hands behind the back trait can also suggest she's masking or hiding her true 'naughtier' feelings, meaning there's more to her personality than meets the eye.

Hands clasped

A royal must-do

Kate's low-slung hand clasp that normally involves a clutch bag suggests a rather practical, easy-going, compliant personality, but also someone with an ongoing need for a 'safety barrier' in public.

The hands are often clasped beneath her tummy, emphasising her contentment with her role as a mother too.

The Wave

Halle Berry often waves to fans

Halle's wave is a pleasing tie-sign that suggests she's bonding directly with her fans, although that upright angle of the hand with the flattened palm facing to the front means it could also double as a commanding 'stop' gesture.

This suggests that although she's keen to communicate with her fans she could also be equally keen to keep in control of the photographers and the red carpet choreography at the same time.

Over the Shoulder

Kim's favourite pose

This very retro beauty queen pose allows Kim to show off her biggest asset while throwing a very flirty glance at the cameras.

There's a queen bee feel to the look as the back view suggests she's turning or walking away rather than approaching us or even appealing to us front-on, while the eye contact almost dares you to follow.

The pose suggests someone fully in control of their sexual appeal and their brand.

The Hip Hold

Beyonce's token stance

The fanning out of the elbows like a peacock fanning its feathers implies this poser sees themselves as a bit of a celebrity goddess, although the emphatic splaying of the upper torso plus the opening of the armpit area mimics a state of aggressive arousal in the animal kingdom – suggesting these women are not to be messed with or taken for granted.

Hip Pop

Kristen Stewart's stance

This wide leg splay and broad-shoulder definition suggest a rather powerful and dominant personality.

The look is quite challenging in red carpet terms and it hinges on the hip pop to break the quasi-warrior feel and add a touch of glamour instead.

The pose suggests someone assertive who might not suffer fools gladly but who will go along with red carpet convention with this one sexual gesture.

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